Kyle Cartwright Wins Main Event At Tunica


The recent ring winner in the World Series of Poker Circuit is Kyle Cartwright, who has actually removed the Tunica Main Event for $198,451! This first place finish adds another ring to his already stacked resume, currently having eight in complete, with nearly $1,750,000 in career WSOP cash money. He will certainly also be securing a 2019 Global Casino Championship seat, on top of all that chilly tough cash.

An overall of 639 access collaborated for the Tunica main event, as well as just 8 of the enrollment slips offered, made it to Day 3. Cartwright began the day third on the leader board, yet managed to start piling chips early in the day, winning pot after pot, a little each time. He really took off after getting rid of Damjan Radanov during a blind on blind hand, taking down the pot with a greater kicker for his ace.

Cartwright played aggressive small-ball poker through the majority of the day, constantly getting in with the most effective of it and folding when he had the worst. He made an extremely marginal quantity of errors, as well as even those were offseted by his reading capacity that was on complete display, during the final day of this event.

The win meant a lot for Carwright, “I’ve been travelling now for a while, so anytime you get a win, i mean they are so hard to win, these tournaments”. This is his 72nd cash, eighth ring, and fourth main event victory, but there was still room for one more first for Cartwright, “This is the first time she (His Mom) has watched me play live poker, It was great having my family here!”

The Arlington,TN, native took second in the Main Event at Harrah’s Cherokee (North Carolina), in November and just earlier this week finished as the runner-up in the $600 Big Blind Ante, here in Tunica. ” Man, I am feeling great! I was on a string of seconds there for a minute, and its nice to get a win”

A single person that he seemed to have actually a continued reading was Steve Klein, catching him in multiple hands with a minimum of a few fingers in the cookie container. The initial two days of the tournament apparently were not rather as very easy having fun versus Klein states Cartwright,” That man heads-up guy, he owned me for two days directly I could not beat him! So i believed without a doubt in the final hand that was a flip, that he for sure would certainly get it, yet somehow i came through and won”

Klein would out up a heated fight with Cartwright for as lengthy as possible, yet eventually would need to find an area to increase up. The minute came and the two were all in on a traditional flip, sailboats for Klein as well as ace 10 for Cartwright. Klein handled to discolor the very first four cards to hit the board, however as so many before him, he would fall to the unavoidable river card, and also Cartwright would certainly be crowned the current circuit main event champ.

The event started on Friday, getting hold of 243 access on Day 1A. Cartwright would be the biggest pile of the 30 that bagged by the end of the night. The second starting trip drew in 396 access as well as Johnny Landreth emerged as the Day 1B huge stack of the 77 that advanced, in addition to the general leader heading right into Day 2. The 2nd day played 10, 60-minute levels of play, before tagging and also landing for the last day. Just 8 returned for the final day, as well as it was Jim Naifeh leading the way. After four degrees of play, only two remained, and also it would take two hours for Cartwright to remove Klein for his eighth ring.

That covers it up for the January drop in Tunica of the 2018-19 WSOP circuit period. There will be a second stop in Tunica, beginning April 25 till May 6, and as constantly will certainly have a large turn out of gamers.

Official Final Table Results:

1st – Kyle Cartwright – $198,451
2nd – Steve Klein – $122,802
3rd – Johnny Landreth – $90,071
4th – Jim Naifeh – $66,982
5th – Darren Martin – $50,486
6th – Damjan Radanov – $38,559
7th – Jon Bennett – $29,836
8th – Joseph Hebert – $23,389
9th – Michael Sanders – $14,928