SOCIAL POKER suggests to the ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS to participate in the free poker tournaments.

  • Winners of these tournaments earn 1000 – 3000 SOCIAL POKER points.
  • 3000 points required to play in a Bankroll Social Poker tournament.
  • Bankroll poker tournaments can award 30,000 – 200,000 SOCIAL POKER points, but…

If you want to earn cash…

If you want to win the SOCIAL POKER Grand Prize

If you want the $10,000 cash poker bankroll.

  • Road to Glory, the Social Poker filmed cash game.
  • It costs 75,000 SOCIAL POKER points for $300 SOCIAL POKER dollars, and
  • it costs 750,000 points equals $3000 in SOCIAL POKER dollars.

You know what need to do, can you do it?

You can also purchase 3000 Social Poker points here, and skip level 1.

3000 points