Play No Limit Holdem in New York City

Poker Tournaments

poker tournament is a tournament where players compete by playing poker. It can feature as few as two players playing on a single table (called a “heads-up” tournament), and as many as tens of thousands of players playing on thousands of tables. The winner of the tournament is usually the person who wins every poker chip in the game and the others are awarded places based on the time of their elimination. To facilitate this, in most tournaments, blinds rise over the duration of the tournament.

No Limit Holdem Cash Games

Cash games, also sometimes referred to as ring games or live action games, are poker games played with “real” chips and money at stake, usually with no predetermined end time, with players able to enter and leave as they see fit.

Charity Poker Tournaments

In a CHARITY poker tournament a portion or all of the entry fee goes to a charitable cause.  Players compete either for cash or prizes, and sometimes both.

Poker Party Rentals and Staffing

  • Poker Equipment Rentals
  • Poker Dealer Services
  • Poker Tournament Management
  • Poker Event Promotion
  • Private and Group Poker Lessons

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