Pennsylvania Considers License Renewal For Pittsburgh Casino


The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board announced that it will hold a hearing in March on the potential renewal of the gambling license of Rivers Casino Pittsburgh.

The public hearing is part of the renewal process that happens once every five years for brick-and-mortar casinos in the Keystone State. The hearing will be held on the casino’s home turf, with the Allegheny County Courthouse selected as the venue for the Mar. 16 hearing.

The state will ultimately decide whether it will approve the renewal of the slot machine operator license for Category 2 licensee Holdings Acquisition Co., LP, operator of Rivers Casino Pittsburgh.

Citizens, public officials, and community groups can choose to speak or submit written testimony. The hearing is open to the public and will also be live streamed from the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board’s website.

The second step in the renewal process for Rivers Casino Pittsburgh is to hold a separate public hearing in the state capital of Harrisburg, where representatives of the casino will offer evidence and oral arguments.

The regulatory bar for Rivers Casino Pittsburgh is the following:

“The burden is on the renewal applicant to establish and demonstrate, by clear and convincing evidence, its eligibility and suitability for renewal of a gaming license. During the hearing, the renewal applicant will be given the opportunity to demonstrate, among other things, its good character, honesty and integrity; compliance with its statement of conditions; as well as provide evidence on tax revenue generated; jobs created; success in implementing its diversity plan; and involvement in the surrounding communities.”