NYC Poker Tour: Free Series

100% FREE to play no limit holdem poker tournaments in New York City.

What to expect:

  • Players who spend $10 on food or drinks get extra chips.
  • Players are EXPECTED to TIP the poker dealers.
    ***Suggested tip $5 – $10.
  • Only 9 players per table.
  • Players earn 150 points for registering.
  • First Place: 1500 points, Second Place: 1000 points, Third Place: 500 points.

Why are you playing?

  • You earn NYCPT points for playing and winning.
  • NYCPT points are used to register for poker tournaments with cash prizes.
  • Example:
    Pay $150 to enter a poker tournament. OR
    Use 30000 NYCPT points to enter the same poker tournament.

Play Poker in NYC today!

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