Who are the Most Popular New York City Poker Players?


New York City, unmistakably situated within the state of New York, stands as one of the largest economic hubs in the United States, and indeed, on a global scale.

New York City serves as the backdrop for one of the most renowned pieces of poker-themed literature. In the 1998 film “Rounders,” the narrative revolves around the journey of poker prodigy Mike McDermott, portrayed by Matt Damon, as he navigates the clandestine world of New York City’s card rooms. This cinematic gem, directed by John Dahl, was born from the creative minds of screenwriters David Levien and Brian Koppelman. Although it didn’t attain blockbuster status, it holds a special place in the hearts of many within the poker community.

New York City Poker

New York City has produced some of the most accomplished poker players in the history of the game.

Stu Ungar

Among these notable figures is Stu Ungar, a true poker legend. As a young child, he engaged in high-stakes games of gin rummy associated with organized crime. In 1980, he achieved one of poker’s most prestigious titles by winning the WSOP Main Event, despite having participated in only his second No Limit Hold’em tournament. He defended his title in 1981. After a prolonged struggle with drug addiction, Ungar made a triumphant comeback in 1997, securing his third Main Event victory. To further solidify his poker prowess, he claimed the Main Event championship at Amarillo Slim’s Super Bowl of Poker, the second-largest poker tournament series during the 1970s and 1980s, on three separate occasions.

Bryn Kenney

Bryn Kenney, hailing from Long Beach, NY, holds the prestigious title of the all-time highest earner in live poker tournaments. Over the course of his career, he has amassed an impressive $56.4 million in cash prizes. Notably, Kenney also stands as the record holder for the highest prize money ever claimed in a poker tournament. Although he secured a second-place finish in the most monumental buy-in poker event in history, the £1,050,000 Triton Million in London, Kenney cleverly negotiated a heads-up deal that resulted in him taking home a larger sum than the event’s champion, Aaron Zang. This brilliant maneuver earned Kenney a staggering £16.891 million, which translates to $20.563 million in US dollars, all on that memorable day in August 2019.

Shaun Deeb

Shaun Deeb’s early years were spent in the vicinity of what is now the renowned Rivers Casino & Resort Schenectady in Schenectady, NY. Surrounded by the allure of card games and gambling, he naturally fostered a deep affinity for these pastimes from a young age. This passion led him to an illustrious poker career, where he achieved the remarkable feat of winning four WSOP gold bracelets. His prowess in the game also earned him the coveted title of WSOP Player of the Year in 2018, cementing his status as a true poker champion. In total, Deeb has accumulated an impressive $7.714 million in live tournament earnings.

Erik Seidel

Born in the heart of New York City, Erik Seidel initially honed his competitive spirit in the world of professional backgammon during his youth. As he matured, his interests shifted towards the financial arena, where he worked as a trader on the American Stock Exchange. However, destiny had other plans, and Seidel would go on to make a significant mark in the realm of poker.

Erik Seidel stands as one of the most accomplished and renowned figures in the history of poker. As a enduring member of the old guard in poker, he has managed to seamlessly adapt and thrive in the contemporary poker landscape, amassing a remarkable collection of poker’s most prestigious titles and trophies. His face is synonymous with the poker world, and for good reason.

Seidel’s career earnings exceed the impressive sum of $40 million, a testament to his unwavering skill and consistency. With an astonishing nine World Series of Poker bracelets and a World Poker Tour title to his name, he has achieved victory on the grandest stages of poker. Furthermore, his extensive list of money finishes in major poker tournaments worldwide is a testament to his enduring excellence. His legacy is etched in stone with an esteemed place in the Poker Hall of Fame, making Erik Seidel an enduring legend in the world of poker.

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