Simon Brandstrom Wins Largest EPT Main Event Ever, €1.29 Million


Simon Brandstrom rallied from an enormous head-up deficiency during heads-up play against Marton Czuczor to win the EPT Barcelona Main Event for EUR1.29 million. The Swede, that defeated 1,988 entrances, won the largest European Poker Tour Main Event in history.

Brandstrom absolutely had not been a family name before this event.But he is no slouch on the felt, having cashed for approximately €800,000 in live tournaments in the past. Now, however, he’s a “major” poker champion, which is something you can’t ever take away from him.

Simon Brandstrom Wins Extra €77K in Chop

When heads-up play began, Marton Czuczor held a slim lead over Brandstrom. The two millionaire hopefuls agreed to chop just about the EUR77,000 of the continuing to be EUR2.54 million pot.

Czuczor obtained the most significant cut– barely– at EUR1,253,234, via a chip-chop. And his opponent was after that assured at least EUR1,212,706. However there was still a bit of cash money up for grabs along with an EPT prize. So, there was incentive to proceed trying to win.

Heads-up play began horrendously for Simon Brandstrom. He went from a mild chip downside to hardly treading water. Czuczor promptly transformed his slim introduce an 4-1 advantage.

“Marton played very good. I probably didn’t play my A-Game but the cards came my way,” Brandstrom added.

However in tournament poker, whether you’re playing low-stakes or an EPT Main Event, it’s never over till one player has each and every single contribute play. Simply ask Marton Czuczor.

Brandstrom swiftly fought back and, eventually, reclaimed the lead. And after that he started to retreat, turning his lead into a 5-1 benefit. He after that finished off his challenger with pocket sixes in a pre-flop all-in race versus K-Q when the board ran out tidy for him (7-2-9-A-5).

Final Result 2019 EPT Barcelona €5,300 Main Event

Place Winner Country Prize (in EUR) Deal (in EUR) Prize (in USD)
1 Simon Brandstrom Sweden €1,659,000 €1,290,166* $1,417,899
2 Marton Czuczor Hungary €884,400 €1,253,234* $1,377,310
3 Rui Sousa Portugal €607,400 $667,536
4 Diego Falcone Brazil €436,760 $480,001
5 Giovani Torre Portugal €364,660 $400,763
6 Yunye Lu China €295,520 $324,778
7 Johan Storakers Sweden €226,490 $248,914
8 Pasquale Braco Italy €159,580 $175,379
9 Kully Sidhu United Kingdom €121,760 $133,815