Tomas Ribeiro Wins 2019 WSOPE €2,200 Pot-Limit Omaha


Tomas Ribeiro from Portugal claimed the title in Event #11: €2,200 Pot-Limit Omaha of the 2019 WSOP Europe. The poker pro topped a field of 271 total entries to become the 5th Portuguese player in history to win a WSOP gold bracelet.The four previous champions from Portugal were Joao Vieira, Jonathan Aguiar, Francisco António da Costa Santos and Diogo Veiga.

“Actually it’s my first trophy ever,” said Ribiero, who focuses primarily on cash games. “I won three tournaments, but they didn’t have trophies and winning my first ever trophy at a WSOP event, it’s totally overwhelming.”

The final day began with Tobias Peters leading the remaining eight players, while Ribeiro sat in fifth chip position. The first player to hit the rail was German Christopher Frank. He got all-in with a double suited rundown, but his 8Diamond Suit7Spade Suit6Spade Suit4Diamond Suit could not overcome the AHeart SuitKDiamond Suit10Diamond Suit5Heart Suit of Marc Palatzky, who flopped trip aces and held from there. Frank earned $12,833 USD as the eighth-place finisher.

Leonid Yanovski also lost a key preflop showdown against Palatzky. Yanovsky got all-in preflop with AClub SuitKDiamond Suit10Club Suit9Club Suit, and Palatzky looked him up holding ADiamond SuitQDiamond Suit9Diamond Suit6Spade Suit. The flop came down 9Spade Suit6Heart Suit6Club Suit and Palatzky hit a full house right off the bat. The 2Club Suit left Yanovski drawing dead. He took home $16,824 USD for making it down to the final seven.

The reigning champion of this event Anson Tsang put in a valiant effort at defending his title, but in the end fell just short when his ASpade SuitKDiamond Suit9Diamond Suit3Club Suit couldn’t beat out the KSpade SuitQDiamond Suit10Club Suit7Spade Suit on the surging Palatzky, who flopped a pair of tens and ended up with queens full by the river. Tsang earned $22,516 USD for his sixth-place showing in this event.

Palatzky scored his fourth knockout of the day, with Ilyaz Dosikov getting all-in on a 8Spade Suit4Heart Suit2Diamond Suit flop with 9Diamond Suit8Club Suit7Spade Suit4Spade Suit for top two pair. Palatzky had AHeart SuitADiamond SuitQClub Suit7Heart Suit for the overpair and a backdoor flush draw. The KClub Suit on the turn and KHeart Suit on the river gave Palatzky the superior two pair to secure the pot. Dosikov had to settle for $30,741 as the fifth-place finisher.

Palatzky began four-handed play as the runaway leader, but Ribeiro managed to win some key pots against him to fight back into contention. Ribeiro closed the gap even further by eliminating start-of-day leader Tobias Peters. All the chips got in preflop with Peters holding KDiamond SuitQHeart SuitJSpade Suit9Diamond Suit and Ribeiro the AClub SuitKSpade SuitQDiamond Suit9Club Suit. Ribeiro flopped an ace and held from there to send Peters home in fourth place ($42,825 USD).

That knockout gave Ribeiro the lead, and from there he took control of the table. He won several medium pots from Palatzky, further extending his advantage. Despite his red-hot start to the final table, Palatzky fell to the bottom of the leaderboard during three-handed action. He ended up getting his last chips in preflop with KClub Suit7Heart Suit5Heart Suit3Club Suit against the QSpade Suit7Diamond Suit4Club Suit2Diamond Suit of Ribeiro. The ASpade SuitAClub Suit8Diamond Suit4Diamond SuitJSpade Suit runout secured the pot for Ribeiro. Palatzky was awarded $60,814 USD for his third-place showing.

Ribeiro took nearly a 5:1 chip lead into heads up play with Omar Eljach. The Swede fought his way back into the match for a bit, but was still well behind when the final cards were dealt. He got his last 14 or so big blinds in preflop with AHeart SuitKHeart SuitJSpade Suit6Spade Suit. Ribeiro held the KClub SuitQSpade SuitQDiamond Suit10Spade Suit. The board came down 6Diamond Suit4Heart Suit4Club SuitJDiamond Suit9Spade Suit and Ribeiro’s queens were good enough to lock up the pot and the title. Eljach took home $88,013 USD as the runner-up finisher.

2019 WSOPE Event #11: €2,200 Pot-Limit Omaha Final Table Results:

Place Winner Country Prize (in EUR) Prize (in USD)
1 Tomas Ribeiro Portgual €128,314 $142,516
2 Omar Eljach Sweden €79,291 $88,067
3 Marc Palatzky Germany €54,787 $60,851
4 Tobias Peters Netherlands €38,581 $42,851
5 Ilyaz Dosikov Russia €27,701 $30,767
6 Anson Tsang Hong-Kong €20,285 $22,530
7 Leonid Yanovski Israel €15,157 $16,834
8 Christopher Frank Germany €11,161 $12,396