WATCH: Nearly Felted Poker Player Turns $50 Into Almost $10K


A regular on “Live at the Bike” known in the Los Angeles area as “Weez,” made one of one of the most insane returns in livestreamed low-stakes poker background. The area grinder,, in a $5/$5 no-limit hold ’em cash money game, rotated $50 into virtually $10,000.

He didn’t rotate it up totally from the online poker video game. A little aid from a video game in the gambling enterprise pit initially obtained him back in the game.

From Rags to Riches

As the old saying goes, all you need is a chip and also a chair. So, if you’re ever short-stacked, don’t obtain too depressed. You never know when a heater is coming. Simply ask Weez.

Weez had a rough beginning to his session. He lost a $3,000 pot to a runner-runner straight. And after that he unloaded his remaining $915 shortly after when his A-Q encountered pocket kings.

The routine gamer as well as occasional commentator on Live at the Bike got up from his chair and left the room at Bicycle Casino. He after that headed straight to the casino pit with the continuing to be $50 he had on him. After losing a couple of grand, what’s another $50? It turned out to be an excellent choice.

Weez spun that money up to around $1,800 and proceeded to return to the poker game. That turned out to be an even better decision.

Soon after his return, he limp-shoved for $1,175 with A-K and got a call from K-J. The best hand held up and his upward trend continued. After giving some of those chips back, he picked up pocket kings and got his opponent to jam with A-J. Again, the best hand held up, this time for a $4,465 pot.

He won another massive pot with a set of queens against bottom set (threes). A few hands later, he had gone from $50 to nearly $10,000.

As Major League Baseball Hall of Fame catcher Yogi Berra famously said, “it ain’t over till it’s over.”