How to Beat Tight aggressive Poker Players


In this lesson are going to focus on beat tight aggressive poker players. Knowing how to beat tight aggressive poker players can be the difference between having a winning session and a losing one.

What is “tight poker”?

Before you can learn how to beat tight aggressive poker players, you first need to learn what is meant by “tight poker.” As touched upon above, playing tight means that a player is, for the most part, being very careful when selecting starting hands. Although some tight players will mix up their play by raising or three-betting with a weaker hand such as suited connectors, they typically play pairs, strong aces and kings, and the more powerful suited connectors like queen-jack and jack-ten.

The main positive about this style is it is much easier to play than a loose one because working out where you stand in a hand after the flop is often a simpler task. If you’re only playing strong hands preflop, you are more likely going to be able to determine how likely you are to have the best hand on later streets. Read More