Taiwanese Authorities Charge Local Businessman for Running Illegal Gambling Network


The Taiwanese authorities fingered a regional billionaire, together with 31 of his employees, of operating an unlawful online gambling network as well as cash laundering. The culprits have made over NT$ 59.4 billion or 2.13 billion US dollars from their illicit procedure. Chuang Chou-wen, who chairs the Taiwanese business Xinliwang International Holdings Firm Limited, encountered several fees, consisting of unlawful gambling, involvement in organized crime, and tax obligation evasion.

The 50-year-old chairman of Xinliwang International Holdings was jailed in November in 2014. After his apprehension, the Taiwanese authorities seized all possessions in Chuang Chou-wen’s name. These consist of a lots approximately luxury vehicles as well as property residential properties worth NT$ 1.3 billion along with US$ 2.6 million and also NT$ 1.2 billion in cash.

The residential properties and cash money were seized to stop the entrepreneur from liquidating his illegal incomes before his test. According to the regional authorities, Chuang Chou-wen is the owner of a loads business that have actually been unlawfully running the remote betting system GPK Bet for over six years. The illegal network comprises over 530 on-line pc gaming sites as well as more than 50 online wagering system service providers.

The Taiwanese authorities first discovered the illicit procedures at the start of 2020 when detectives discovered an office building in Taichung City. Said building acted as a money-laundering facility, enabling the culprits to relocate significant quantities of money in and out bettors’ accounts. The majority of these gamblers were residents of landmass China.

The Criminals Relied on Dummy Accounts to Move the Funds

The private investigators who occupied the case ultimately established the capital leads to Chuang’s Xinliwang Group. The arrest of the businessman adhered to consequently in November last year. Chuang’s district attorneys affirm the GPK Bet platform dealt with over NT$ 123 billion in unlawful betting activity from 2014 to the beginning of 2020.

The bad guys used 843 dummy accounts to move cash to and also from the prohibited Chinese accounts. Underground financial institutions enabled them to relocate their profits back to Taiwan. In addition to gaining over NT$ 59.4 billion, Chuang and his associates handled to escape tax obligations to the amount of NT$ 266 million.

After Chuang’s arrest last November, Xinliwang Group safeguarded him in a public declaration demanding his innocence. The Team claims its chairman is an accredited global financial investment analyst, while his business generally takes care of significant projects within the real estate industry. It apparently creates business, household, as well as holiday accommodation buildings. In addition, the internet site states Chuang has three PhDs.

The Xinliwang Group continues to define its chairman as a multifaceted individual. Aside from being a business person, Chuang is likewise a benefactor, entrepreneur, as well as engineer, the internet site claims. In addition to these credentials, the entrepreneur has actually obtained the honorary titles Oknha (translates as “noble”) as well as Tan Sri from the kings of Cambodia as well as Malaysia.

In a similar way to landmass China, the Republic of China, as Taiwan is officially understood, enforces a strict prohibition on a lot of kinds of betting under the regional Bad guy Code. State-operated lottery games are the only lawful forms of gambling on Taiwanese soil. Both nations have actually been collaborating to fight illegal gaming tasks ever since 2013.