Bar Poker League – Brooklyn + Queens


New York Free Poker – a bar poker league.  No cash prize.

You are invited to attend any of these no limit holdem poker tournaments hosted at bars around New York City.
There is no cost, absolutely free to attend.  But you do get extra chips if you spend $10 at the bar.  And the dealers work for tips, please bring $10 gratuity for your poker dealers ($5 for the main event, $3 for the sit-n-go tournaments).
Bar poker tournaments scheduled 7 days a week on the New York City Poker Tour calendar.  Daily at 8pm.  Brooklyn.  Queens.  Manhattan.
  • It is free to become a member and sign up the newsletter.
  • You must become a member to receive the poker hotline number, and any additional information about New York City Poker Tour events.
  • Upgrade your membership to earn cash prizes.

Every player must be a member. To become a member Click here it’s free. Every player must RSVP. Every player agrees to play for a minimum of 2 hours each session.  Still we serve Pizza at11pm. Players are welcome to arrive any time between 6pm to 2am.