The RFID Poker Table Project

Jeremy Martin. No limit holdem poker personality. New York City.

Jeremy Martin is a HUGE fan of no limit holdem poker and is also a native New Yorker.  Jeremy’s no limit holdem poker career began just before Chris Moneymaker won the 2003 World Series of Poker.  He started playing for nickels, dimes, and quarters with friends in high school.  His only TV appearance was on the Yes Network’s “Boston vs New York Poker Challenge” season 2.

Nearly a year after poker’s Black Friday on April 15th 2011, Jeremy Martin will be bringing an RFID poker table to the NYC poker scene, and hopefully a resurgence of interest in poker onscreen and offline.  Jeremy came in for an interview to answer some questions the rfid poker table, and what he plans to do with it New York City.

Other Info:

SP:  What is an RFID poker table?
JM:  A poker table is a table with a felted surface intended for card playing, specifically the game of poker.  RFID stands for radio frequency identification.  RFID is a wireless, non-contact technology used to transfer data.  Typically rfid are used for identification and tracking.

SP:  So, what is an RFID poker table?
JM:  The poker table will have RFID readers inside it.  The RFID cards are placed over the readers.  This eliminates the “pocket cam” or “hole card cam”.  The RFID readers are the pocket cameras.  GET IT? An RFID equipped poker table can be used to view the hole cards of players, just like pocket cameras are used on the World Poker Tour.

SP:  Why do you want an RFID poker table?
JM: I have always loved watching poker on TV.  The energy and excitement.  I want an RFID poker table because it enables me and all my players to get more involved with the game and our community.

SP:  Why would anyone want to play on an RFID poker table?
JM:  Everyone, novices and experts, will want to play on this table because of the ability to review the actions of both the opponents AND yourself via a hand history video archive.  Basically, everyone will have the chance to study how the game was played, and tweak their play based on this extremely valuable information.

SP:  But what about cheating?
JM:  Cheating is a no-no.  (#1) Without a computer the RFID readers are useless, because there would no way to display the information.  (#2) The computer will not be in the same room as the table, and no electronic devices may be used while playing.  (#3)  The computer will not have internet access, making it impossible to stream the data.  (#4) Live streaming is possible with RFID technology, but it can also be delayed and disabled (just read the instructions).  Poker is a gentleman’s game, and the integrity of the game comes first and foremost.

SP:  How does one get an RFID poker table?
JM:  Buy one or build one. sells an rfid equipped poker table for $7,500 euros.  If this option is too expensive, then I recommend the DIY (do it yourself) rfid kit sold by, which is much more cost-effective for less than $2000. I built my custom rfid poker table was built by hand, on Sunday May 20th 2012.  I posted a photo journal on the Social Poker facebook fan page.


SP:  When did you first have the idea that brought you here today?
JM:  I’ve been playing with various concepts for a video series around poker for since 2009.  Nothing like the WSOP or WPT.  Or even the High Stakes Cash Game on GSN. I have been pondering something “Poker+ American Idol or Survivor”.  I don’t really know how I got here.  I love poker.  I’ve been playing no limit holdem since 2001-ish because of my best friend, and I haven’t looked back.  Back in 2009 I really started getting motiveated and that was when I first started blogging on Social Poker.  I’m very happy and excited to have the tools to try and make something poker-lovers and fans of all levels can enjoy.

SP:  When will your rfid poker table be ready for play?
JM:  It is ready.  You must be 21+ to play.  My RFID poker table is the NYC Poker Tour FEATURED TABLE, you must be a member to participate.  Join our poker club at


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