Different Types of Texas Holdem


Texas hold ’em is a variation of the standard card game of poker which is one of the most popular forms of poker. The format comes with a lot of variations and they are determined by the betting structure.  Betting in Texas holdem poker can be without limits, predetermined, or somewhere in between. Different types of Texas Holdem are as follows:

Pot Limit Texas Hold’em

Pot limit poker games are the same betting structure as no limit games. However your betting size cannot exceed the size of the pot. For instance, if the pot size is $300 your bet can not exceed $400. 

No limit Texas Hold’em

In no limit games betting size is unlimited that means you can bet any amount at any time. No limit Holdem betting structure is the most well-known for tourneys.  However, due to the flexibility of betting structure many casinos favored the format. There is no minimum or maximum limit for betting. Poker Players can bet all chips in his/her possession as well.

Spread Limit

In a spread-limit poker game, player can bet an established minimum and maximum bet, which allows for any amount within that range. As Example, a range such as $5 – $10 is given. Spread Limit poker is not enough popular concept of the game. For this reason, most casinos spread either limit poker, no-limit poker or both. Pot limit games are also frequently played at higher limits, because they often produce as much action as no limit games, and they require as much or more skill. There just isn’t much demand for the spread limit structure at either the lower limits or the higher limits, and so casinos usually do not use spread-limit. In fact, if you have ever played in a spread limit game, you will see that the upper limit is often the default bet.

Limit Texas Hold’em

Limit or Fixed Limit Holde’m poker tournament is the most popular kind of Texas Holde’m variations. The main feature of Limit Holde’m poker is that the betting is not too aggressive as well as the betting limit is fixed in every round. Each round has minimum and maximum betting limits and the players have to bet within the limits. The pre-fixed limits can vary from one round to another.  In the fixed limit holdem, poker players have a fixed amount of chips that they can bet at any given point and a certain number of re-raises before the pot can no longer be raised.