Brooklyn Card Room for Low Stakes Poker Players


Dear New York City Poker Player,

Friendly Poker Game in DUMBO.

  • Open Saturday only.
  • Open from 715pm until dawn.
  • Professional poker dealer.
  • BYOB or delivery.


  • $1/$1 no limit holdem.  Minimum is $50.  Maximum is $300.
  • $1/$2 no limit holdem.  Minimum is $50.  Maximum is $300.
  • If there are 6 players or less, then we play $1/$1.
  • If there are 7 players or more, then we play $1/$2.


  • Players receive a bonus of 10% up to $25 of their buy in.
  • Early Bird.  Must be seated by 8pm.
  • New Players.  Must be brand new.
  • Refer a Friend.  Existing members who refer friends.
  • REQUIREMENTS: Minimum 3 hours session.

This card room offers low stakes poker for a diverse group of nlhe players, who vary greatly in skill level and personality.  All are welcome.  RSVPing is good, cause you might not get a seat at the poker table.