Times Square $1/$2 Poker Room


Dear NYC Poker player,

Are you looking for a private low stakes No limit Holdem cash poker games? Are you tired by searching on online? If so, you are in the right place. There are millions of poker site you will find over the internet but we guarantee you that you will find here the real playing atmosphere. We play Texas Holdem with real money where you will get fun, excitement and more.

Low Stakes Poker Room in Times Square:

  • Blinds $1/$2.  No limit holdem.
  • Minimum buy in is $80.
  • Maximum buy in is $500.
  • Professional poker dealer.
  • BYOB or delivery.
  • Open 4pm.  Close 6am.


  • Early Bird: 10% buy in.
  • Bring a Buddy: $20 in chips.
  • Daily Aces Craked: $25 in chips.
  • Weekly High Hand: $100 in chips.
  • Monthly Bad Beat: $300 in chips.
  • REQUIREMENTS: Minimum 2 hours session.

This card room offers low stakes poker for a diverse group of nlhe players, who vary greatly in skill level and personality.  All are welcome.  RSVPing is good, cause you might not get a seat at the poker table.