Closed? When? Why? #WTF #FML


The rumors are true.  We are currently closed.

It’s definitely tough to admit.  Truth is hard to swallow sometimes, but the truth is always out there.

The NYPD has nothing to do with use being closed.  The police recently raided the St. Marks poker club and Felted (both of which have already relocated and reopened.

It’s easy to make the police blotter.  It’s way harder to get media attention.  A building in chinatown was raided for poker and illegal gambling, both the NYPD and Homeland Security (?) were involved.  The best part, it was covered by NBC and made the 11pm news, click to read the NBC article.


My low stakes poker room is currently closed.  Why?  Security.  This marks the 3 police raid in 4 months, not to include the quiet closure of 3 lesser poker rooms in Manhattan.  This reminds me of NYC’s black Friday – if you aren’t old enough (of a grinder) to remember, the NYPD shut down 4 major poker rooms in a single sweep, and I guess we never know when the mood will strike, eh?

So here’s the update for May/June 2012.

  1. Closed until further notice.
  2.  That’s probably Friday, I haven’t missed a Friday since 2010.
  3. MY rfid video poker table is complete as seen on and Live at The Bike from the Bicycle Casino in California.
  4. I posted a  little photo journal of the process on the Social Poker Facebook page.
  5. I chose poker over one of the best women I have ever met.  If you think I’m out the
    Check out Facebook for more photos.

    game, then you’re forgetting that I take smoke breaks.  STAY TUNED!