Isaac Haxton Wins Poker Masters Online PLO Main Event


The Poker Master Online PLO series featured a 15-event slate of PLO tournaments highlighted by the festival-ending $50,000 buy-in main event. The event attracted a total of 29 entries, adding $1,450,000 into the prize pool. The tournament sported a $1.5 million guarantee, though, and that was the amount that was ultimately paid out among the top four finishers. In the end, it was American poker pro Isaac Haxton secured the largest chunk of that prize money. Haxton took home $675,000 as the champion of this event.

This tournament ran over the course of two days. When action was halted at the end of day one, five players remained. That meant that one of the remaining players would be eliminated on the $90,000 money bubble after play resumed. Haxton came into the final day with the overwhelming chip lead. He virtually bagged up 2,804,854, while the next largest stack (belonging to Grazvydas Kontautas) was only 847,705.

Andre Santos was ultimately the last player knocked out without cashing in this event. With blinds of 20,000 40,000, Isaac Haxton raised to 120,000 holding KDiamond SuitJHeart Suit10Club Suit9Diamond Suit from the small blind. Santos defended his big blind holding AHeart Suit9Spade Suit4Club Suit3Heart Suit. With that the pot grew to 265,000, while Santos was left with just 98,000 remaining in his stack. The flop came down KClub SuitQHeart Suit4Diamond Suit and Haxton bet enough to put Santos all-in. Santos called off and the board completed with the 7Spade Suit and the 2Heart Suit on the river. Santos was eliminated, while the remaining players all locked up at least $157,896.

Chris Kruk was the next to fall. He got all-in with KSpade SuitKDiamond SuitJHeart Suit4Spade Suit up against the AHeart SuitKClub SuitJClub Suit9Diamond Suit of Haxton. The board came down 9Club Suit5Diamond Suit2Heart Suit9Heart Suit7Heart Suit and Haxton made trip nines to send Kruk packing in fourth place ($157,896).

Joentausta was the next to find himself involved in a massive clash with Haxton. He limped in from the small blind with AHeart Suit10Heart Suit9Diamond Suit3Diamond Suit and Haxton raised to 180,000 with the ASpade SuitKSpade Suit10Club Suit6Club Suit. Joentausta three-bet to 540,000, leaving 564,000 behind. Haxton called and the pot swelled to over 1.1 million. The flop came down KClub SuitJHeart Suit3Spade Suit and Joentausta moved all-in. Haxton called and the JSpade Suit on the turn put him one card away from heads-up action. The 9Spade Suit on the river gave Haxton the nut flush to secure the pot, eliminating Joentausta in third place ($225,000).

Haxton held roughly a 3:2 chip lead over Lithuania’s Grazvydas Kontautas when play resumed. Haxton was able to extend his lead to more than 4:1 by the time the final hand arose. With blinds of 40,000-80,000, Kontautas limped in from the small blind holding 10Diamond Suit10Diamond Suit3Diamond Suit2Club Suit. Haxton raised from the big blind with ADiamond SuitJDiamond Suit8Heart Suit3Club Suit, making it 240,000 to go. Kontautas called and the flop came down KClub Suit9Diamond Suit5Diamond Suit. Haxton bet the pot and Kontautas moved all-in for 152,000 more. Haxton called and the turn brought the ASpade Suit to give Haxton the best pair along with his nut flush draw. The 7Diamond Suit completed that draw to lock up the pot and the title for Haxton. Kontautas took home $442,104 as the runner-up finisher.

Poker Masters Online PLO Series Main Event Results:

Rank Player Country Payout (USD)
1 Isaac Haxton Canada $675,000
2 Grazvydas Kontautas Lithuania $442,104
3 Aku Joentausta Finland $225,000
4 Chris Kruk Canada $157,896