Top Poker Strategy to beat the poker fish


How to beat the poker donkeys or poker fish.

Everybody likes to think of themselves as a poker shark, but it takes true commitment to gain that level of play.

What Is A Shark?

A poker shark is someone who can quickly read the opponents and detect the patterns and physical tells that they have.

What Is A Fish?

Now a days the word “poker donkey” has replaced by the word “poker fish”. Before 1999 the bad players were called fish.

Let’s state it right from the start = your goal in poker is to win money. This is true whether you’re playing in a cash game or a tournament. You always want to finish with the most chips. It’s easiest to achieve your goal when you play against bad poker players. If your opponents are worse than you, you will tend to come out ahead and win more. Let’s take a look at the different types of bad poker players and then discuss how you can beat them (and win their chips).

Types of Poker Donkeys

1. Loose – Passive = also known as a fish, or a donkey
2. Loose – Aggressive = also known as a maniac
3. Tight – Passive = also known as a rock

How do you beat a poker donkey?

Poker donkeys loves to play hands and they play more starting hands than they should. They also love calling bets, without the cards to justify the action. They will chase after their flush and straight draws, hoping that the flop will bring them their miracle card.

When you construct a good hand, act persistently and keep betting. Get as many chips as you can out of the poker donkeys. You know that they are going to be calling a lot, even if they have not made their hands yet, so you can bet big. Don’t try to bluff, because poker donkeys are not going to fold. When you have good hands you can win big against poker donkeys. Bet them for all they are attraction!

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