Mike Postle: ‘I Will Play Anyone Heads-Up’


Mike Postle does not need to cheat due to the fact that he’s “among the most effective” poker players on the planet, and he’s ready to “play any person heads-up.” Or, so he claimed on Mike Matusow’s podcast.

The accused Stones Live cheater denied the allegations brought forth by poker player Veronica Brill. Yet it appears he did little to repair his track record. Couple Of on Poker Twitter buy his tale.

Mike Postle Didn’t Do Himself Any Favors

Mike Postle couldn’t just disappear and hope this story fades. As CardsChat wrote, he owed the poker community an explanation. So, conducting a public interview may have been a smart idea. But it doesn’t appear many, if anyone, have changed their opinions of him based on the conversation with Mike Matusow.

Postle made some insurance claims that many really felt were ridiculous. He claims to have actually been among the “most significant winners on Ultimate Bet” before the poker site was shut down for the DOJ in April 2011. But he really did not divulge his screen name and given that exact UB gamer statistics aren’t available, there is no other way to verify that declaration.

He likewise stated that he is just one of the “ideal gamers worldwide.” And also he will test any person to a game of heads-up poker, “when this is around.” Postle particularly called out Doug Polk, but it doesn’t appear that suit will certainly ever before occur.

Postle did bit in the interview to aid his situation. He really did not describe just how he’s able to make such difficult river decisions while playing on the Stones Live stream. As well as Matusow, who asserts he was attempting to be neutral, really did not press his visitor with compelling follow-up questions.

Questions Remain Unanswered

Mike Postle still hasn’t offered an explanation for his outrageous win-rate as well as ability to consistently make the proper decision on the river during Stones Live streams. Till that occurs, he likely won’t alter the minds of his critics that believe he is just one of online poker’s most notorious cheaters ever.

Postle’s informed Matusow on “The Mouthpiece” podcast his live-stream stats that are being floated around social media sites are incorrect. He declares to have actually won far much less than what has been reported– an approximated $275,000. He says that Stones inflates chip heaps.

Even if that held true, he still really did not describe to listeners just how it’s possible that he practically never ever makes an inaccurate decision on the river. He declares there are many video clips of him making bad choices during the stream. And he states he hired somebody to brush with hundreds of video clips to locate them. But the online poker neighborhood has actually been incapable to situate such clips.