Adam Sandler To Star In Upcoming Sports Betting Movie


Adam Sandler is jumping into the world of sports betting in a movie set to be released this winter.

The actor and comedian is starring in Uncut Gems, where he plays a New York City-based jeweler that ends up making a series of high-stakes sports bets, which gets him involved with some shady individuals. Based on the beginning of the trailer, the early bets pay off.

Then, Sandler’s character dives deeper into the gambling world and begins to gamble on a regular basis, eventually fighting about debts with mob-like characters asking where their money is.

The film features Kevin Garnett, who plays himself, and New York sports radio personality Mike Francesa, who is featured in the trailer telling Sandler that he’s making “the dumbest f***ing bet I ever heard of.”

While the trailer doesn’t disclose what sparked the main character’s foray into gambling, the IMDB plot synposis for the movie gives some insight into what may have caused it.

“Howard Ratner, a jewelry store owner and dealer to the rich and famous, must find a way to pay his debts when his merchandise is taken from one of his top sellers and girlfriend,” reads the film’s description.

The movie is scheduled to be released on Dec. 13. Check out the trailer below.