Midtown Live! Poker Club. Why play anywhere else?


SocialPoker features a clean, safe & friendly environment with live poker action in varying No Limit Hold’em, Pot Limit Omaha, and weekly tournament. We’re open every day from dusk till dawn in the New York City. Check Out our daily cash game and tournament schedule. Stop by and let us know how we’re doing or what you may be interested in having us add to our room. Why play anywhere else?

Low Stake Poker Room:

  • Low Stake: 1/2 #NLHE
  • Buy-in: Min 80 Max 500.
  • Mon – Fri @4pm. Sat – Sun @2pm.

DeepStake Poker Room:

  • DeepStake: 2/5 #NLHE
  • Buy-in: Min 300 Max 2000.
  • Mon – Fri @3pm. Sat – Sun @6pm.


  • A bonus is like a coupon, if you don’t say anything about your bonus/coupon.
  • 10% Early Bird Bonus.
  • BONUS REQUIREMENTS: Minimum 3 hours session.

Poker Tournaments:

  • $250 Dollars Poker Tournament
  • Buy-in: $210+$40
  • Prize Pool: $210 is going towards Pool Prize 1st place 55%, 2nd place 30% and $40 is going Towards, House, Dealers, Food.
  • Registration Close at Break-Time!!!
  • STRUCTURE” 10k Starting Stack
  • 15 Minute Level

How to get a seat:

All it takes to get a seat is registering via text/our website. If you don’t registered yet, just click the link below! or Text “SPblog” to (347) 471 1813 with full name, email & occupation.