Floating vs. Bluff-Raising with Andrew Seidman


Andrew Seidman: First and foremost, against a weaker opponent, I’m probably not looking to bluff too much because I’m going to end up at showdown. So if I flop a draw, I’ll just call and not raise. If I flop nothing, I’ll just fold. Weaker opponents make it easy on you.

Preflop, a big thing that goes into my decision-making over whether to flat or reraise would be the people in the blinds. My range would be a lot wider for flatting preflop if there were weaker players in the blinds where I could get better value by flatting and hoping to play a pot with them than I could by three-betting the original raiser.

Let’s say we have a fish in the blinds and a reg opens, and I call my wide range on the button and the fish folds. Then the first question I’m asking myself when facing the continuation bet is how often does this guy c-bet against me? This is an important question that goes beyond stats. If I see him check-fold against me, or check-call some weak top pair or second pair or something, those affect whether or not I’ll play back, and how I’ll do it. Read Full @pokernews.com