Dan O’Brien Wins Run It Up Reno VIII Main Event


The $250,000 assured $600 Run It Up Reno VIII no-limit hold ’em main event brought in a total amount of 629 access to the Peppermill Casino, developing a final prize pool of $329,471. Two-time prior champ of this event Loren Klein navigated his method down to heads-up play, as well as virtually won himself a 3rd RIU main event title. In the long run, it was Dan O’Brien who emerged successful with the prize and the leading prize of $46,681. The win brought O’Brien’s career live tournament profits to $3,346,588.

The final table began with Vito Distefano in the lead amongst 9 staying gamers. O’Brien beinged in fourth chip placement, with Klein right behind him in the standings. O’Brien was able to reach the top of the counts early by flopping a set of nines as well as obtaining multiple streets of value from Distefano.

Loren Klein had actually previously won the Run It Up Reno III main event in 2016 and also the Run It Up Reno V centerpiece in 2017. The three-time World Series of Poker gold arm band victor got off to a solid beginning at this year’s final table by getting rid of Chris Gallagher in eighth area ($8,245). He after that won a race with pocket fours against the KClub Suit6Club Suit of Kevin Gerhart to send him to the rail in 7th place ($9,825). With that Klein climbed up into 2nd position on the leaderboard.

O’Brien got pocket aces and called the all-in of Julio Uribe, who had actually shoved with AClub Suit2Club Suit. O’Brien’s hand stood up as well as Uribe was removed in 6th area ($11,640).

Klein called Vito Distefano’s all-in with ADiamond Suit8Club Suit. His ace high confirmed good versus Distefano’s QDiamond SuitJClub Suit when neither gamer enhanced by the river. Distefano made $13,920 as the fifth-place finisher.

Klein maintained his spree of removals by knocking Tim Tucker out in fourth area. Tucker increased to 410,000 from the tiny blind with pocket jacks and Klein relocated all-in from the huge blind with QClub SuitJSpade Suit. Tucker made the call and also was in excellent form, till the board ran out QDiamond Suit10Spade Suit10Heart Suit3Diamond Suit6Heart Suit to offer Klein the superior 2 pair. Tucker made $17,120 for his stong showing in this occasion.

O’Brien won the next major battle. Austin Roberts got all-in preflop with QHeart Suit10Heart Suit and was called by O’Brien’s controling AHeart SuitQDiamond Suit. Roberts took the lead by tumbling a 10, but O’Brien struck an ace on the river to secure the pot and also send Roberts packaging in third location ($22,180).

O’Brien took just shy of a 3-to-2 chip lead into heads-up play with Klein. The two-time previous champ was able to fight his way right into the lead before the key hand of the heads-up fight happened. With blinds of 150,000-300,000 as well as a big-blind stake of 150,000, O’Brien elevated to 650,000 on the switch holding KHeart Suit10Club Suit. Klein called from the large blind with KDiamond Suit5Club Suit as well as hit two pair on a KSpade Suit5Diamond Suit3Diamond Suit flop.
Klein check-called a wager of 1 million.

The 10Diamond Suit on the turn provided O’Brien a higher two pair. Klein check-called again, this time for 2.1 million. The 8Heart Suit on the river drew a 3rd check from Klein. O’Brien moved done in for 3.6 million and Klein promptly called. O’Brien’s remarkable two pair gained him the huge pot to give him more than a 14-to-1 lead. SHortly afterwards O’Brien’s 10Spade Suit5Spade Suit matched was able to outrun Klein’s AClub Suit6Club Suit for a couple of large blinds to secure the deal. Klein gained $30,950 as the runner-up finisher.

Final Table Results

Place Player Hometown Prize
1 Joe Brindle London, England $2,460
2 Valerie Perea Reno, NV $1,580
3 William Butcher Atlanta, GA $1,100
4 Dale Fenton Yuba City, CA $845
5 Gail Sarett Huntersville, NC $675
6 Colton Blomberg Tempe, AZ $540
7 Steven Filipovic Cambridge, ON $410
8 Vincent Newland Las Vegas, NV $320