Ben Yu Wins $50,000 WSOP High Roller No Limit holdem


The 32-year-old Las Vegas poker-pro Ben Yu won his third World Series of Poker bracelet by defeating 128 entries in the $50,000 no-limit hold’em high roller event. He acquired his first bracelet in no-limit hold’em and a massive payout of $1,650,773. The primarily mixed game’s player took the advice from Justin Bonomo and put it to good use.

“I would say that this year, I’ve started to play some more high rollers,” said Yu after his victory. “I played some of the $25K’s in Florida, I played the U.S. Poker Open in February and after playing a few of those I actually wrote a message to Justin Bonomo.”

He was candid in his message to the two-time bracelet champion as well as among one of the most skilled players in the world.

“I wrote ‘I like playing high rollers. I cash for more money and people irrationally think I’m better at poker because of it. I get to eat free food, free good food using comps. I would like to do this more often and I’m willing to put in whatever work is required for me to do so,’” said Yu.

Bonomo reacted that he should place in the job far from the table, do even more collaborate with PIO solvers as well as actually develop out your ranges for every spot.

“It sounds really boring,” said Yu. “This is what it takes to win at the high rollers nowadays for the most part. I don’t think I have the best poker instincts that some of the absolute sickos do. I really need to get by in studying and knowing exactly what my ranges should be.”

It’s not one of the most extravagant solutions on the planet, yet Yu placed in the job as well as brought out a seven-figure rating as a result of it. In his viewpoint, that’s the sort of job should be done to remain on top of the poker world today. With the game and also its methods developing at such a quick rate, it is very important to have all your varieties hammered down.

“That isn’t the reason that most people get into poker when they first see it on TV,” said Yu. “They really want to soul read people, and you know, be able to feel themselves out at the table. There’s something really attractive about trying to get a read on someone and feeling your way through a problem. But I think for the most part if you see the guys that compete in this field, the people that are most successful and the people that win time after time in these high rollers … It’s really the guys doing what we call science and studying. It doesn’t sound great, but it is what it takes to win.”

To earn the title, Yu overcame a loaded final table that included some of the best players in the world such as Jake Schindler (8th), John Racener (7th), Manig Loeser (6th), Igor Kurganov (5th), Isaac Haxton (4th), Nick Petrangelo (3rd), and Sean Winter (2nd).

Final Table Results:
1st: Ben Yu – $1,650,773
2nd: Sean Winter – $1,020,253
3rd: Nick Petrangelo – $720,103
4th: Isaac Haxton – $518,882
5th: Igor Kurganov – $381,874
6th: Manig Loeser – $287,174
7th: John Racener – $220,777
8th: Jake Schindler – $173,604