All Gambling Sponsorship Deals of Spanish Football Clubs to Be Terminated by May 2021


Back in February 2020, the Ministry of Customer Affairs in Spain turned out a new Royal Mandate targeted at guideline on qualified gaming operators’ marketing campaign and also sponsorship deals in the Spanish Football League. The authorities took virtually instant activities to make points occur promptly and also at the end of October 2020, all groups from La Liga plus Spanish football clubs that play in the second and third department have been informed they will certainly be provided a one-season change duration to reduce all links with wagering services.

This primarily means that the football clubs concerned are called for to see to it they removed all organizations with wagering business by May 2021, consisting of gambling branding on their sports packages. Additionally, the already existing gambling sponsorship arrangements will not be permitted to run out, unlike in the case involving tobacco advertising and marketing.

The last decade has seen an enormous increase in the appeal of sporting activities wagering throughout Europe, particularly taking into consideration the truth that on-line sporting activities wagering offers customers with the opportunity to quickly position their bank on a mobile phone whenever they want to no matter their place. For instance, mobile gambling on Spanish football suits alone created a turnover of greater than EUR1.4 million in the second fiscal quarter of 2017.

Increasing gaming addiction rates, on the other hand, are discovered particularly worrying by some anti-gambling campaigners. Virtually 1 million Spanish residents define themselves as active on the internet casino players, and also the sporting activities betting market not only in Spain yet likewise overseas is truly substantial.

Gambling Sponsorship Deals Are Widely Present in Professional Football in Europe

According to reports, greater than EUR600 million are produced with sponsorship each year, while TELEVISION channels create a return of investment of around EUR1.5 million yearly. Around 40% of the advertisements seen throughout La Liga suits are actually related to betting firms, which potentially makes customers exposed to adverts before the game, at half time, as well as likewise after the game, in addition to the existence of wagering operators’ logo designs and also branding on sports packages.

Campaigners have claimed that the exposure to continued advertising may lure some football fans right into betting and to direct others to alternative gambling sites. For the time being, 75% of La Liga clubs have a wagering driver as a sponsor, which makes their followers’ direct exposure to gambling marketing also bigger.

The quantity of cash related to gambling sponsorship deals is large not only in Spain however throughout Europe, as well, consisting of some huge football competitors such as the English Premier League (EPL) and the Bundesliga. However, countries’ authorities have been boosting their control on sponsorship arrangements inked between football clubs as well as wagering business, with the offers being already suspended in Italy, while in various other nations, such as Spain, Germany and also the UK, steps are being unveiled after a solid wave of criticism.