Alex Greenblatt Wins First WPTDeepStacks Title


Alex Greenblatt topped a field of 446 entries to win the Season 5 WPTDeepStacks Thunder Valley Main Event on Monday at Thunder Valley Casino Resort. The professional poker player earned his first WPTDeepStacks title, and $122,500 in first-place prize money, which included a $3,000 championship prize package. This is one of the biggest wins of Greenblatt’s poker career, and his career earnings now stand at $1,317,760.

“It’s great when you win a tournament, that’s the only time you’re happy after a tournament. I’m pretty happy, I play at Thunder Valley a lot. I haven’t actually cashed at Thunder Valley in 18 months. The last tournament I cashed here was a WPTDeepStacks where I finished in 10th. It’s great to win something here.” said Greenblatt after the win.

When he was asked about his strategy for the final table tonight, Greenblatt had this to say. “I was going to try and play small ball. I wasn’t going to try to do much bluffing, maybe one or two barrels and not try to make anyone fold top pair.”

“I guess I’m up on the year so I will try to finish strong. Now I’ve got this championship to try and go win, so that should be fun. It was great, the staff is lovely, they know what they’re doing, they run a good show. WPTDeepStacks is a great tour, good structures, this tournament was amazing,” said Greenblatt when he was asked about his plans to end the year and overall thoughts on the tournament to end the interview.

Season 5 WPTDeepStacks Thunder Valley Final Table Results

1st: Alex Greenblatt – $122,500*
2nd: James Brown – $83,600
3rd: Nick Wooderson – $53,700
4th: Kelly Douglas – $36,480
5th: Paul Chai – $28,000
6th: Warren Kashiwagi – $23,280
7th: Robert Angeleri – $19,505
8th: Mimi Luu – $15,730
9th: Walter Robertson – $11,950

*Includes a $3,000 WPTDS Championship Package

The final table moved fast from the beginning, with Walter Robertson hitting the rail in ninth place just a couple of minute into the day. Season 4 WPTDeepStacks Thunder Valley Spring Main Event champion Mimi Luu fell next in eighth place, and Robert Angeleri took seventh place a short time later.

Warren Kashiwagi then survived in a chop, but the next time he was not so lucky and busted in sixth place. Paul Chai then fell in fifth place, and Kelly Douglas exited in fourth place. The elimination of Nick Wooderson in third place then set up a heads-up final between Alex Greenblatt (7.11 million) and James Brown (6.27 million).

Greenblatt fell behind slightly after an hour of play, but then he scored a huge double up to take a gigantic chip lead. The final hand was played just a few minutes later. Brown was all in preflop for just over 600,000, and Greenblatt had him covered on the button. The two players then flipped over their cards.

Greenblatt: Kd5c
Brown: AhKc

Board: 7h5h3cJd9s

Brown was eliminated in second place, good for $83,600 thanks to his deep run in the tournament. Greenblatt won the hand, and the tournament to take home his first WPTDeepStacks title, $122,500 (which includes the $3,000 championship prize package), and the WPTDeepStacks trophy.

Congratulations to our new WPTDeepStacks champion – Alex Greenblatt!

That concludes our coverage from WPTDeepStacks Thunder Valley. Thanks to Thunder Valley Casino Resort for hosting another great stop on the tour.