Patrik Antonius Wins EPT Monte Carlo €100,000 High Roller


Entering the final table as the chip leader, Patrik Antonius dominated from start to finish, clinching the 2024 EPT Monte Carlo Super High Roller title. Securing the top prize of $2.1 million, the renowned Finnish poker player outmatched German star Christoph Vogelsang in a thrilling heads-up battle, capping off an intense final table showdown on the picturesque French Riviera.

The Rise and Fall of Contenders At the outset of the final table, Patrik Antonius commanded the chip lead with a stack of 3.94 million chips (65 big blinds). His closest competitors included Juan Pardo (56BB), Ben Heath (41BB), Christoph Vogelsang (39BB), and Byron Kaverman (34BB), with none even close to matching Antonius’ stack.

Alex Kulev, starting with a mere seven big blinds, quickly found himself at risk, ultimately bowing out in eighth place after a confrontation with Juan Pardo. Stephen Chidwick followed suit in seventh place, succumbing to Pardo’s and Kaverman’s stronger holdings.

Amidst the dwindling field, David Yan’s hopes were dashed in sixth place, unable to overcome Antonius’ formidable hand. Jean-Noel Thorel’s departure in fifth place marked another casualty, falling short against Pardo’s superior hand.

The Final Showdown As the field narrowed to three, Juan Pardo’s misguided call sealed his fate against Vogelsang’s dominating hand, leaving Antonius and Vogelsang to battle heads-up. Despite Vogelsang’s initial surge, Antonius seized control with a decisive hand, propelling him to a commanding chip lead.

In a climactic finish, Antonius sealed his victory by besting Vogelsang in a final showdown. With unmatched skill and determination, he emerged triumphant, adding another illustrious title to his repertoire.

Reflecting on his win, Antonius expressed his elation and determination to continue honing his craft, anticipating many more years of success in the competitive poker circuit.

As the EPT Main Event in Monte Carlo loomed, Patrik Antonius remained a formidable force, poised to extend his dominance in the shadows of the French Alps.

2024 EPT Monte Carlo €100,000 Super High Roller Final Table Results:
Place Player Country Prize
1st Patrik Antonius Finland $2,105,000
2nd Christoph Vogelsang Germany $1,358,250
3rd Juan Pardo Spain $970,250
4th Byron Kaverman United States $746,500
5th Ben Heath United Kingdon $574,000
6th Jean-Noel Thorel France $456,400
7th David Yan New Zealand $365,100
8th Stephen Chidwick United Kingdon $291,900
9th Alex Kulev Bulgaria $233,600