Hamid Izadi Wins Seventh WSOP Circuit Ring


The Pompano Beach Main Event wrapped up on Monday night after approximately seven hours of intense play, with the final seven contenders out of a field of 917 vying for the coveted $245,225 top prize. Emerging victorious was a name synonymous with the poker circuit, Hamid Izadi, who secured his seventh career ring with a remarkable comeback during the heads-up match and an exceptional performance throughout the final day.

Reflecting on his triumph, the Atlanta, GA native expressed profound joy, emphasizing the importance of perseverance and maintaining composure in the face of challenges. Despite having clinched six rings previously, Izadi had yet to claim a Main Event title until now, marking a significant milestone in his career.

“This victory holds a special significance for me. While I’ve achieved success before, winning a Main Event is on another level. It’s a testament to the dedication and hard work required to excel in this game,” Izadi remarked.

Having come close on numerous occasions, including six previous Main Event final tables, Izadi’s journey to the top was not without its obstacles. In a particularly tense moment during the heads-up showdown against Boris Kasabov, Izadi found himself severely short-stacked with only seven big blinds remaining. However, drawing upon his experience and resilience, he mounted a remarkable comeback, ultimately clinching victory.

“When I was down to seven big blinds, I thought it was all over. But I trusted in my experience and seized the right opportunities at the right time. Now, I’m here with the ring,” Izadi recounted.

Adding to the jubilant atmosphere was the presence of Izadi’s friend and supporter, Scott Dobbs, who had rushed back to the event upon learning of his friend’s success. Dobbs, who has witnessed Izadi’s triumphs on multiple occasions, including four of his seven rings, affectionately referred to himself as Izadi’s “good luck charm.”

Acknowledging the outpouring of support from fellow players and fans, Izadi expressed gratitude to the WSOP circuits, event organizers, and, above all, his wife and family for their unwavering encouragement and support throughout his poker journey.

 Action of the Day

Izadi began the day as the second chip leader but quickly asserted dominance at the table, aggressively winning numerous pots and steadily building his stack. As the action unfolded, Taylor Hart and Jake Schwartz were swiftly eliminated from contention.

Five-handed play persisted for a significant duration until Dave Alfa exited in 5th place. Meanwhile, Michael Lydon, who had started the day with a commanding chip lead, faced setbacks that ultimately led to his downfall, resulting in a 4th place finish.

Gregory Spinder enjoyed an impressive tournament performance, significantly surpassing his previous best, and battled three-handed with Kasabov and Izadi before ultimately finishing in 3rd place.

The stage was then set for the anticipated heads-up showdown between Izadi and Kasabov, reminiscent of their encounter in Biloxi in 2019. Starting with relatively even chip stacks, the two engaged in a back-and-forth exchange of pots before Kasabov secured crucial victories in key all-ins, temporarily leaving Izadi short-stacked before his remarkable comeback.

With that, PokerOrg’s coverage of the Circuit event in Pompano Beach comes to a close. The series now moves on to Cherokee, where the action will continue, and PokerOrg will be there to cover it once again!

WSOPC Main Event Final Table Results

1 Hamid Izadi Roswell, GA $245,225
2 Boris Kasabov Houston, TX $151,561
3 Gregory Spinder Parkland, FL $111,578
4 Michael Lydon Jackson Heights, NY $83,096
5 Dave Alfa Austin, TX $62,611