Rake Free Poker New Years Resolution


My name is Jeremy Martin.  My poker buddies know me as Fred123.

I work for SOCIAL POKER.  I am a registered member of the Poker Co-op.

Beginning in 2011, I will be hosting rake free no limit holdem cash poker games in New York City.  Absolutely no rake.

In the state of New York the boys in blue have made it clear that raking a poker game is illegal and will not be tolerated. The private card rooms of New York City have seen the likes of Howard Ledderer, Eric Seidel, Phil Laak, Cyndy Violette, and (our Michael Jordan) Stu Unger.  They were lucky to attend some of New York City’s most legendary card rooms. None of these card rooms exist anymore.  The average life span of a card room is less than one year.

VICE is the department of the NYPD that shuts down poker clubs.

Poker is not a crime.

Playing poker is not a crime.  No poker player is ever arrested.

Raking a poker game is illegal.

My New Years resolution is to provide comfortable, friendly, and RAKE FREE no limit hold em in New York City.

Recently the Poker Players Alliance shared an article (http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/poker/columns/story?columnist=wise_gary&id=5808565) regarding the decision to make online poker illegal in Washington State.  This has forced 3 professional poker players to move out of state or fear being arrested, and thousands to give up a favorite American past time.

Washington State Sen. Margarita Prentice made this statement, “I just think some of these arguments are utter nonsense.  You mean you’re going to move so you can play poker? Gee, lots of luck in your life. … I have nothing against card playing. That’s fine. If you want to do that, but I’m sure not going to worry about someone … you know. Let them go pump gas.”

Poker is just as popular with the nerds as football is with the jocks.  Yet being a fan of football as an adult isn’t as much fun without being able to practice your sport of choice.  When we make a play in poker, we are the athlete.

We have chosen our field of friendly competition, and we are being penalized for participating in our socially acceptable, not quite illegal sport.  Is it because we can not be sold and traded and managed for the profit of others?

Healthy competition is respected in many other mental and physical sports.  It is very common to have cash prizes at bridge, basketball, backgammon, spades, and beer pong tournaments.  I now present to you the website for the World Series of Beer Pong.  (www.bpong.com/wsobp)

My name is Jeremy Martin. I live in New York City. I created Fred123.

I host a rake free, absolutely no rake cash poker game.

Typically, we play no limit hold em.

We also have a pot limit omaha interest list.

(If you want to play in my game leave a  COMMENT)


I am a registered member of the poker co-op.

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