Poker Player David “Doc” Sands Tests Positive for COVID-19


David “Doc” Sands is the very first prominent poker player to announce he’s contracted COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus). The high-stakes poker pro shared details on Twitter concerning his existing problem.

Sands ensured his fans that he’s doing great and also will fully recuperate. At 35-year-old, he isn’t in a high-risk demographic for severe problems because of COVID-19. That is especially true offered he is healthy and balanced as well as states he does not have any type of pre-existing problems.

Sands in Good Spirits

Sands absolutely isn’t panicking, in spite of his positive COVID-19 examination outcome. Instead, he continues to be in good spirits as well as shared some details regarding the virus with his Twitter fans. In the 13-post thread, Sands gave some wonderful insight on what it resembles to have coronavirus. He also described the symptoms that led him to seek a test.

According to the CDC, common symptoms of COVID-19 include a cough, fever, and in more severe cases, difficulty breathing. Forbes, however, reports that nearly half of coronavirus patients studied experienced abdominal pain and/or diarrhea as an early symptom.

Sands, in his Twitter thread, said he felt fatigued on Monday and soon developed a severe headache. By Tuesday, he still had a bad headache and a slight cough. On Thursday, the symptoms remained, so he sought a coronavirus test. He said he received the news on Saturday that he tested positive.

The high-stakes poker player is unsure of how he contracted the coronavirus. He said he’s taken numerous precautions, such as washing his hands regularly and avoiding touching his face to prevent catching the virus.

Sands says he will remain in quarantine until he receives “a negative test result back from my doctor.”

Many other high-profile poker players including Phil Hellmuth, Phil Galfond, and Erik Seidel wished Sands well and a speedy recovery.

“I called my Dr. on Tuesday, but he said I didn’t need to get tested since I had been isolated with my family … and hadn’t come in contact with anyone known to have the virus.”

Coronavirus Impact on the Young and Healthy

Sands is only one of over 300,000 people worldwide to have contracted the coronavirus. But he’s yet another example of a young and apparently healthy individual who isn’t experiencing severe conditions from the virus.

Although millennials (and younger) are not immune to catching the coronavirus — or even dying from it — approximately 80% of the known deaths in the world have been age 50 and above. Those with pre-existing health conditions, regardless of age, are also at risk.

Sands, however, said he doesn’t have any health conditions and, at age 35, isn’t a high-risk patient. He said he works out four times a week, rarely drinks, and doesn’t smoke.

So although Sands is unlikely to die or become seriously ill based on coronavirus studies, it just goes to show that few are immune from catching the virus. Stay safe out there, folks.