Learn how to deal poker

Social Poker has a very simple lesson plan to teach you how to deal no-limit poker games.

  1. There are two aspects to being a poker dealer.
    The mechanical technique needed to physically shuffle and deal the cards in a poker game.
    www.SocialPoker.tv – watch this video about how to shuffle cards when dealing a no-limit poker game.
    Enforcing the rules of a poker game.
    Tournament Directors Association Poker Rule Book v2009.2.0 – Feel free to print the rules of poker.
  2. Practice and critique classes with a senior Social Poker team member. A single class is $30. Packages of 8 sessions cost $160. $200 to enroll in the work program. ($40 down payment, work off the balance.)
    Check the calendar for Poker Dealer Lessons.
  3. You must complete a minimum of 8 lessons before you can audition to be a poker dealer for Social Poker.
  4. Drop In: $30 (FIRST CLASS: $20)
    Prepay: $160 for 8 lessons.
    Work Program: $200 – $40 deposit and $40 deducted per shift for 4 shifts .
    *You can pay in cash on the day of the lesson. You must pay at the beginning of class.

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