Justin Bonomo Wins $1 Million Big One for One Drop ($10,000,000)


Justin Bonomo became the brand new Big One for ONE DROP champ plain hrs back after outliving an area of 27 of the world’s finest high-stakes poker players. The poker professional hence scooped the $10 million first-place reward which safeguarded him with the leading place in among one of the most respected positions in live tournament poker.

Bonomo, who now boasts a poker bankroll of just under $43 million, has actually uncrowned Daniel Negreanu to become the globe’s most rewarding gamer. The leviathan Big One for ONE DROP payment came as an extension of Bonomo’s effective touch of poker success considering that the start of the year.

Over the past 7 and half months, the poker pro managed to win nearly every significant high roller tournament on the 2018 calendar, including the Aria Super High Roller Bowl and the Super High Roller Bowl China, and a number of other events, consisting of a WSOP – the $10,000 Heads-Up Championship – that he covered a couple of weeks earlier.

This year’s Big One for ONE DROP attracted 27 entries. The Big One for ONE DROP event was played over three days and the final one took place yesterday at the host casino, starting with 6 challengers for the title.

Bonomo led the final six players with a huge chip lead. He was followed by German poker pro-Fedor Holz. Both players ultimately faced each other heads-up, but they had a lot of work to do before reaching that final stage of the competition.

The money bubble was impending at the start of Day 3 as the prize pool of $24.84 million was only split into five payouts. Investor David Einhorn became the unfavorable bubble boy not long after cards were thrown in the air yesterday. He was eliminated by Bonomo. The latter said in his post-victory interview that he felt a bit guilty that he busted Einhorn as he had promised to donate his whole payout from the tournament to the One Drop Foundation which supplies clean water to the world’s most vulnerable communities. Bonomo himself said that part of his prize would go for charity.

Three-Handed Play and Heads-Up

Bonomo had his ups as well as downs throughout the day, regardless of his first substantial benefit. Complying with the removal of Byron Kaverman in Fifth area ($2 million) and also Rick Salomon in Fourth area ($2.84 million), three-handed have fun with Bonomo, Holz, as well as their fellow money player Dan Smith still in the run for the title began.

Holz held a large chip lead over his continuing to be challengers or even thought control over two-thirds of all contributes ordinary at some time. Bonomo, on the other hand, went down to the brief pile with about 20 huge blinds left.

Nevertheless, the ultimate champ handled to recoup and also acquire energy. He got rid of Smith in Third area ($4 million) to establish the heads-up suit in between him and also Holz. Two-handed play started with the German casino poker pro holding 84.3 million in chips to Bonomo’s 50.7 million.

Holz expanded the space early right into the battle, but Bonomo managed to recover. The player started developing his stack to eventually surpass Holz. A key hand helped Bonomo emerge as the chip leader and to bust his final opponent not long after. That key hand saw the eventual champ pick off Holz’s bluff and collect a massive pot. Bonomo’s stack was worth 110.4 million after that hand, while Holz was down to just 24.6 million. The young German never recovered from that point on.

Hand #156 of the final table was the last one dealt within the tournament. It saw Bonomo limp in on the button and Holz shove for 23.6 million. Bonomo snap-called with [As][Jd] to Holz’s [Ac][4s]. The board ran out [Kd][8s][3s][2c][Qd] to send Holz to the rail. The German poker star earned $6 million for his incredible run in the tournament.

Official Final Table Results:

Place Player Country Prize (USD)
1st Justin Bonomo United States $10,000,000
2nd Fedor Holz Germany $6,000,000
3rd Dan Smith United States $4,000,000
4th Rick Salomon United States $2,840,000
5th Byron Kaverman United States $2,000,000