The 2017 Cash Game Festival London


The 2017 Cash Game Festival London at Aspers Casino Westfield Stratford City has been a huge success. During the festival’s peak-time, 23 tables were running at the same time for a few hours on both Friday (Day 3) and Saturday (Day 4).

Many different games were enjoyed through the festival including no-limit hold’em, dealer’s choice pot-limit Omaha, Sviten Special and dealer’s choice mixed-games.

The festival feature 10 televised feature tables or two per day. United Kingdom’s David Clarkson was the 2017 Cash Game Festival London’s most consistent winner on the feature tables, including winning a huge pot worth over £4,000 on Day 1.

Of course, the Cash Game Festival is mostly about poker. However, every festival also features great activities off the felt where players can bond. New friends were made while old friends from previous festivals got a chance to catch up. During the 2017 Cash Game Festival London, players with the hospitality package enjoyed welcome drinks, a special viewing of a football match, a world-class dinner, beer tasting, a VIP party, and a guided city tour.

Don’t Miss Slovenia

If you were unable to make it out to Aspers Casino in east London, rest assured you will not have to wait long to enjoy the next festival.

For the first time, the Cash Game Festival heads to Slovenia at Perla Casino March 8 to 12 for another five days of nonstop cash game action. The festival is expected to attract many players from around the globe. However, the majority of players attending the festival will likely be from Italy due to the very close proximity to the country’s border.

You can register in advance on the Cash Game Festival website to reserve your seat and to request to appear on the televised feature table.

Here’s a look at a trailer of the festival.