Freeze Out (or No Rebuy) Social Poker Tournament


Tuesdays: Manhattan

  • STARTS @ 730pm.

NO REBUY poker tournament.   Seating is limited.  RSVP is a must.

  • 1000 chips with FACEBOOK pre-registration
  • 10000 chips when you sign in
  • 2000 chips for $10 Early Bird Add on (must add-on before the start of tournament)
  • 5000 chips for $20 Early Bird Add on ($10 goes to dealer)
  • 16000 MAXIMUM chips a player can start with.

Dealers work on tips.

  • The registration fee is $20.  $10 tip for the poker dealer.  $10 for production costs.
  • Contact 347.471.1813 for event details.
Social Poker provides the ultimate poker experience in New York City.
Welcome to Social Poker
Casino quality poker tables, chips, cards, and dealers.

Contact Social Poker

RSVP: 347.471.1813

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