Freeze Out (or No Rebuy) Social Poker Tournament


Tuesdays: Manhattan

  • STARTS @ 730pm.

NO REBUY poker tournament.   Seating is limited.  RSVP is a must.

  • 1000 chips with FACEBOOK pre-registration
  • 10000 chips when you sign in
  • 2000 chips for $10 Early Bird Add on (must add-on before the start of tournament)
  • 5000 chips for $20 Early Bird Add on ($10 goes to dealer)
  • 16000 MAXIMUM chips a player can start with.

Dealers work on tips.

  • The registration fee is $20.  $10 tip for the poker dealer.  $10 for production costs.
  • Contact 347.471.1813 for event details.
Social Poker provides the ultimate poker experience in New York City.
Casino quality poker tables, chips, cards, and dealers.

Contact Social Poker

RSVP: 347.471.1813

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