Which poker game should I play? Cash Games, Tournaments or Sit- N-Go’s?


This is the most common question amongst beginner poker players. You can play different types of poker games when you start playing poker.

Many poker players just play for fun, if this is you, play whatever you like which is more fun to you. But if you want to make money by playing poker than try to find the game that will make the maximum amount of money.

Cash games

I believe cash games have the minimum amount of modification that provides the largest form of income for a winning player. I mean in Multi Table Tournaments and Sit N Go’s feature there are a lots of situations which are often flips where you may not control the result, yes of course it is possible to win by playing Sit N Go’s and MTT tournaments. Cash game players have a higher percentage of winning sessions and the earnings will be a lot more constant if you are a winning player.

Lastly, the skills you absorb in cash games will serve you in MTT tournaments.

Multi Table Tournaments

Tournaments are my second choice to make money playing poker. Because in MTT’s is better than Sit n Go’s. Top Sit n Go players will have a Rate of Investment of around 10% more or less. Top Multi Table Tournaments players can have Rate of Investment of greater than 100%. The adjustment is quiet greater in Multi Table Tournaments than cash games

Sit N Go’s

I fairly believe that Sit N Go’s are dying. If you go to a site you will see that the top players of the 9 man Sit N Go’s are making a segment of what the top Multi Table Tournaments and cash game professionals make. Because of this, I would recommend you to play cash game if you want to maximize your profits.