Sergio Aido Proceeds as Chip Leader to PokerStars Championship Prague €10,300 High Roller Final Day

Sergio Aido Proceeds as Chip Leader to PokerStars Championship Prague €10,300 High Roller Final Day

The PokerStars Championship Prague €10,300 High Roller event saw the number of competitors that are to return for the tournament’s Final Day reduced to 16. For the time being, it is Sergio Aido, a Spanish super high roller, who is at the chip leader’s position with 2,147,000 in chips, which give him a massive lead over Danny Tang, who currently occupies the second place with 1,593,000 in chips.

The Spanish poker player has been very successful this year, with his 2017 live poker tournament cash prizes so far exceeding $3 million. His career live poker winnings to date amount to $5,912,407, and his best live cash of $1,337,019 was also generated in 2017 for him ranking second in the Triton Super High Roller Series $1,000,000 Main Event.

The €10,000 High Roller Event of the PokerStars Championship Prague saw a long Day 2, with Christopher Kruk who held the chip lead over most of the day reaching a massive stack, bit eventually falling to the shortest stack at the end of the day – only 186,000 in chips.

Hossein Ensan is now third, with a total of 1,130,000 in chips at the end of the €10,300 buy-in High Roller’s Day 2.

As mentioned above, after holding the domination over most of the second day of the event, Christopher Kruk had very hard time over the latter levels of play, after Aido beat him in the penultimate level, and then, at the end of play Kruk lost a big pot against Danny Tang, who is to start the Final Day of the event second in chips.

PokerStars Championship Prague

The €10,300 High Roller event has always been one of the most successful events on the EPT and the Championship, attracting many poker professionals every year.

Last year, the High Roller event attracted a total of 407 entrants, with William Kassouf emerging as winner, taking home a monetary prize of €532,500 as well as the tournament’s trophy. This, however, was not the largest cash portion scooped in the 2016 edition of the event, as the last two players standing – William Kassouf and Patrick Serga made a heads-up deal, under which the Canadian player got the largest cash portion of the prize pool, bagging €719,000.

The 2017 edition of the PokerStars Championship €10,300 High Roller event kicked out on December 16th, and the registration was open until the beginning of play on Day 2.

This year, the €10,300 High Roller event of PokerStars Championship attracted 256 entrants, including 61 re-entries, who accounted for a total prize pool estimated to €2,483,200. The prize pool is set to be split between the last 39 players, with the minimum cash prize to be amounting to €17,000 and the first-place prize that is to be granted to the winner estimated to €498,000.