Rob Palacios Wins Harrah’s North Kansas City RunGood Poker Series Main Event

Rob Palacios has won the RunGood Poker Series Harrah's North Kansas City Main Event for $29,833

The RunGood Poker Series wrapped up the “End of Summer” with the Main Event at Harrah’s North Kansas City. Following four days of preliminary events, three starting flights drew 252 entrants to the field – blowing the $100,000 guarantee away by $50,000. The final table featured a collection of local players and Rob Palacios survived a swingy final table to win the trophy and $29,833.

Rob Palacios has won the RunGood Poker Series Harrah's North Kansas City Main Event for $29,833
Rob Palacios has won the RunGood Poker Series Harrah’s North Kansas City Main Event for $29,833

“I’m really happy to win, my wife and I are planning on starting a family – this is really going to help,” Palacios said. “I played a lot of poker with these guys the past few days and I’m excited to win the trophy.”

Place Player Prize
1 Rob Palacios $29,833
2 William McCracken $28,833
3 Ali Zakeri $15,120
4 Tim Woodson $10,736
5 Justin Brooks $8,316
6 Carter Clond $6,804
7 Alex Marler $5,670
8 Joe Becchina $4,763
9 Jasen Currie $3,932

Palacios entered the final table middle of the road in chips with Ali Zakeri leading the table. Jasen Currie was the first casualty after he shoved with ace-queen. Alex Marler called with pocket eights and the board ran out all blanks to see Currie make his exit in 9th place.

Joe Becchina, the eldest player at the table, ran out of steam when four players limped to a seven-deuce-deuce with two diamond flop. Palacios led out for 60,000, Becchina moved all in for 230,000 and Palacios called with queen-jack of diamonds. Becchina showed king-queen of hearts, the board finished jack of hearts, nine of clubs and Becchina was eliminated.

McCracken notched the next elimination when Alex Marler moved in holding pocket queens and McCracken called holding ace-queen. The board ran nine-five-four-three-deuce and all the players threw their hands up when the deuce hit the river to give McCracken the straight.

Carter Clond bowed out next when he caught making a move holding jack-seven. Palacios called his shove with ace-eight of clubs, paired his eight and Clond was out.

Justin Brooks was the second player eliminated after finding pocket queens. Palacios picked up another knockout with ace-jack, as the flop came ace high and Brooks’ queens were no good.

Palacios’ momentum continued when Tim Woodson moved in with ace-three and Palacious made a loose call with seven-six. A six on the flop and seven on the turn and Palacios made two pair to eliminate Woodson.

Three-handed play stretched for a while and each player took a turn holding the chip lead. Then Ali Zakeri opened to 100,000 on the button, McCracken called and the flop came ten-nine-eight with two diamonds. McCracken checked, Zakeri bet 150,000, McCracken raised all in and Zakeri called. McCracken had six-fice of hearts, Zakeri turned over ten-nine of clubs and the board completed king, ace. Zakeri never improved and was out in third place.

Following Zakeri’s elimination, Palacios and McCracken took a break to discuss a deal. They came to a quick agreement of a near even split with each guaranteed $28,833 and the winner getting the trophy and additional $1,000.

Heads up play lasted for about 40 minutes with each player holding a large lead at some point. The final hand saw McCracken shove holding ace-seven of clubs preflop, Palacios called and tabled queens. The board ran out all blanks, McCracken couldn’t beat the queens and finished runner-up.

The Harrah’s North Kansas City Main Event was the first time in 2016 that a RunGood Pro didn’t make Day 2. Noted pro Cash Carpenter finished in tenth place and was one of six players from the “toughest $40 home game.” Mason Hinkle, final tablist Marler, Chris Juul, Craig Dick, Kelly Johnson and Nick Burris rounded out the rest.