Fedor Holz win First Tournament as PartyPoker Pro

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German tourney phenom Fedor Holz has won his first live tournament since announcing he had partnered up with partypoker back on 1st September. He won the € 2,200 No Limit Hold’em Turbo High Roller at the partypoker Grand Prix  in Vienna for €34,000 ($39,900).

Having not won a tournament since July’s Triton Super High Roller Series 6max event in Budva for $444,893, this has been quite the “dry spell” for Holz, who only managed a 3rd and a 2nd place in two of the recent Poker Master Series events for a mere $1,054,000! Prior to his Triton SHR win Fedor had won back-to-back $50k High Rollers at the Aria on 30th and 31st May for another piffling $862k.

Although his recent win is actually for less money than his usual tournament buy-in these days, it will still have been pleasing for Holz to win a partypoker tournament while representing the brand, and he still had to overcome a talent packed 41 strong field to earn his victory. In fact, all five of the German players who made the final table (the only non-German being Romania’s Jozsef Liszkovic) were WSOP bracelet winners with seven-figure tournament resumes, with Dietrich Fast also having a WPT title under his belt.

The final table got underway after the money bubble burst when yet another WSOP winning German, Jens “Fresh_oO_D” Lakemeier busted in 7th place to Fast when his A4 couldn’t catch up with Fast’s AQ.

Paul Hofer was the first to leave the final table when he got his chips in with and found himself up against the other partypoker pro at the table Jan-Peter Jachtmann who turned over . An ace on the flop looked to have saved Hofer but a King on the turn ended his hopes and he left in 6th for €5,150.

Jachtmann took another scalp when a very short Christopher Frank was all-in from the small blind with and was called by Jachtmann in the big with . An ace high board sent Frank packing fith, good for €6,850.

Liszkovic fell in 4th for €10,500 before Dietrich Fast lost out after calling for his tournament life against Holz on a board holding for a turned two pairs. Holz had him crushed with for a flopped flush. Fast picked up a €17,000 payday for his troubles.

It was quite apt that the final showdown was between the two partypoker players, and it was quite the contest as heads-up play lasted some four hours before ending with one huge, yet somewhat peculiar pot.

On the final hand Holz open-shoved for 3m chips with {A-Diamonds}{9-Clubs} and was called by Jachtmann, who still had some 2m chips himself, with just {Q-Spades}{8-Diamonds}. Perhaps after four hours of heads-up, Jachtmann, who often plays cash games with a higher buy-in than the first place prize-money, had just about had enough and decided to leave it in the hands of the poker gods.

The poker gods looked like they were smiling on him after a {A-Spades}{5-Diamonds}{Q-Hearts}{8-Clubs} flop and turn put him ahead going to the river. The river came down {5-Clubs}, however, giving Holz the better two pairs and Jactmann left as runner-up for a €24,500 payday.

partypoker Grand Prix Austria High Roller Results

1Fedor HolzGermany€34,000
2Jan-Peter JachtmannGermany€24,500
3Dietrich FastGermany€17,000
4Jozsef LiszkovicRomania€10,500
5Christopher FrankGermany€6,850
6Paul HoferGermany€5,150


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