Dear NYC Poker Players: Poker + Reality TV = ?



My name is Jeremy Martin.  I am the author of this blog, Social Poker, additionally, in early 2012,  I  built a poker table with rfid pocket cameras (the technology ESPN uses to see the cards of players on the World Series of Poker).  I want to document the use of the table as it hits NYC.

I am a poker guy.  I am not a film guy, like ZERO experience.  I need your help to bring this plan to fruition.  I am approaching this project from a DIY perspective.

  • If you have any experience with cameras, film, production, graphics, sound, lighting, etc… Please contact me.
  • I need expert advice just as much as I need extra hands.
  • I can offer some compensation, such as: food, transit, and up to $40 per day for college grads or previous experience.
  • If you are interested in participating as a player or audience, please title email subject as PLAYER or AUDIENCE.
  • My plan is to host poker tournaments on the rfid poker table, read this blog post for more info about my plan.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, please send an inquiry to, thank you.