Cash Poker Game NLHE $2/$5


Dear NYC Poker Players,

If you’re looking for private home poker game then there’s no better place than because we offer verious buy-in bonuses like

  • 5% – RSVP
  • 5% – Early Bird
  • 5% – Bring a Buddy
  • 5% – 3load and
  • signup confirmation bonus in the form of chips.

Register as big players for all the excitement and fun, bet big money and win big money with the turn of a single card.

My name is Jeremy Martin.  I am the organizer of this low stakes cash game.  I have been a poker guy since 2001.  My poker handle is Fred123  and you can find me on Google+, Linkedin,  and Facebook.

Cash Poker Game NLHE $2/$5

  • This is a cash game.
  • $60 minimum buy in.
  • $400 maximum buy in.
  •  Every player must be a member.
  • Every player must RSVP.
  • Every player agrees to play for a minimum of 2 hours each session.
  • Players are welcome to arrive anytime between 5p – 6a.
  • For address and RSVP Please text to 347.471.1813