10 No-Limit Poker Tips for Beginners

#1) Tipping:

TIPPING is Appreciated and Appropriate.
$5 or $10 before the start of the poker game, or a small piece of the total won after the poker game.
The poker dealer is providing a service much like a waiter or stylist.

#2) No-Limit Holdem

No-Limit Holdem is a type of Poker.  There are many different types of poker. No-Limit means that a player can bet anything (above the minimum) on his/her turn.

Going “All In” is a term from no-limit poker.

#3) Who’s Turn?

Each player is given a turn to act, and each player takes their turn in a clockwise direction.

#4) Who’s the DEALER?

Before anyone is dealt any cards.  The players to the immediate left (clockwise) position of the “DEALER” must post the small blind and big blind.

DEALER – The dealer is labeled with a large white button displayed in front of the player who is the “DEALER” for that hand of poker.  The “DEALER” changes every hand, the player to the left becomes the dealer.

Small Blind / Big Blind – The SB and BB are bets that are required.  Blinds are very similar to ANTES in other poker games.

#5) Flop, Turn, River

Once the Small Blind and the Big Blind are posted the cards will be dealt, each player receiving two face down cards.

  • Phase 1: Pre Flop – players receive 2 face down cards.
  • Phase 2: The Flop – 3 cards are placed face up for all players to use.
  • Phase 3: The Turn – 1 card is placed face up for all players to use.
  • Phase 4: The River – 1 LAST card is placed face up for all players to use.
  • ***Betting happens during each phase.

#6) How-to bet in no-limit poker

Poker players use chips to for BETTING.  The chips represent a numerical unit (5, 25, 100, etc).If it is your turn and…
CHECK – there is no BET and you do not want to put in any chips, then you CHECK.
FOLD – there is a BET and you do not want to put in any chips, then you FOLD.
BET – there is no BET and you want to put in chips, then you BET.
RAISE – there is a BET and you want to put in MORE chips, then you RAISE.

#7) Poker Hand Rankings (aka what beats what)

After the last card.  After ALL the betting is complete.  Then players will turn (down) cards face up so the dealer can determine who the winner is, and award the pot (pile of chips in the middle of the table).

  • Royal Flush – 10h, Jh, Qh, Kh, Ah – BEST HAND
  • Straight Flush – 2h, 3h, 4h, 5h, 6h
  • Four of a Kind – 2c, 2d, 2h, 2s
  • Full House – 2c, 2d, 2h, Ac, Ad
  • Flush – Ah, Qh, 10h, 3h, 2h
  • Straight – 10c, Jh, Qc, Kh, Ad
  • 3 of a Kind – 10c, 10h, 10d
  • 2 Pair – Ad, Ac, 10d, 10h
  • 1 Pair – Ad, Ac
  • High Card – best card in hand is used to determine value – WORST HAND

The list above explains the order of each hand and how they are ranked.

EX: The FLUSH beats a STRAIGHT and a FULL HOUSE beats a FLUSH and a STRAIGHT.

#8) Code of conduct

Poker is a gentleman’s game, and there is a proper code of conduct.  It is best to act in good sportsmanship, this will help preserve the friendly and social atmosphere.

#9) No CHEATING! Thanks 🙂

Poker is a competition.  Each person must play ONLY their cards, and can not share them with friends or neighbors.  This is cheating.

#10) Good Sportsmanship

Again, poker is competition with winners and losers.  DO NOT BE A SORE WINNER or SORE LOSER.  Please show respect both for the game and your fellow competitors – by wishing them well at the conclusion of the hand.

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