Overbetting with Matt Berkey and Andrew Brokos


Poker pros Matt Berkey (pictured above) and Andrew Brokos have shared another hour’s worth of free, high-level strategy advice, continuing a discussion that included breaking down some interesting “nosebleed” cash game hands Berkey played on Poker Night in America.

In this video the pair pick up their analysis of some $1/$2 Zoom hands Brokos played a while back on PokerStars.

The first hand discussed involves Brokos bluffing big on the river with air, a move that prompts an insightful conversation about overbetting, being polarized and some of the psychology that comes into play when playing live versus online — including the way players can sometimes level themselves into making unorthodox, extreme plays.

They move on to more hands starting at the 15-minute mark, with the theme connecting them all being Brokos overbetting big (i.e., making larger-than-pot shoves) either with strong hands or as complete bluffs.

There’s a ton of interest here, including comments by Berkey about the significance of having “initiative.” The pair also frequently talk about the importance of understanding how your own checking/betting/calling patterns can serve to narrow your range of hands after the flop in the minds of attentive opponents. Take a look:

For more from Berkey, check out his website Solve for Why, and also visit Brokos at Thinking Poker for more strategy articles and the Thinking Poker Podcast.

Brokos also serves as a board member and volunteer for the Bay Area Urban Debate League, a non-profit organization that helps improve the lives of hundreds of kids from disadvantaged backgrounds. Those who enjoy the video are invited to donate to the Bay Area Urban Debate League and help students learn critical reading, writing and argumentation skills.