Signature Freeroll versus Classic Freeroll – No Limit Holdem Tournaments


A “FREEROLL” is a free to enter no limit holdem poker tournament.

  •  Starting Saturday January 28th, there will be Freerolls in Midtown, Manhattan and Astoria, Queens of New York City.
  • The first Classic Freeroll will be held in Astoria on 1/28/12 at 5pm.

 IF 50 PEOPLE ATTEND EITHER EVENT, then the prizepool will be $1000.  GUARANTEED.

 The Classic Freeroll is very simple.

  • Everyone starts with 2000 chips for free.
  • $10 dealer tip for 2000 chips, before playing.
  • Rebuys are $20 for 2500.
  • Addons are $20 for 3500.

“The Classic Freeroll is all about the action.”

 The Signature Freeroll is my member rewards program.

  • When a player signs in they will indicate how many bonus chips they qualify for – the more poker you play, the more chips you start with.  5,000 chips maximum for free.
  • $5 dealer tip at any point for 1,000 chips.
  • Rebuys are $20 for 5000.
  • Addon is $20 for 25,000.

“The Signature Freeroll gives players a lot of chips and time for not a lot of money.”

 Either Freeroll is a no limit holdem poker tournament.

My name is Jeremy Martin, and I am a NYC poker promoter.

I host these events in New York City.  Currently in Midtown Manhattan, moving in to Astoria Queens, this weekend, and before the summer I hope to expand to Williamsburg Brooklyn.

I provide these poker tournaments because they’re fun, they’re social, and this is the perfect event to come and meet me and my crew.

I look forward to meeting to you.  If you do not love our poker game, please let me know why – I’d love to make the place better.

My goal is provide a fun, social, entertaining poker tournament.

If you would like to contact me:

  • The Poker Hotline is 347.471.1813.
  • Email me at
  • Personal Facebook @