From Dusk till Dawn Poker Options in New York City


Low Stakes No Limit Holdem in New York City.  Cash games and Tournaments.

There are other games.  We are confident you will enjoy our game.

The Cash Game:
1/1 NLHE all night long.
Minimum is $60.  Maximum is $300.
***Buy in for $100 to get a buy in bonus!

No Rebuy Tournaments:
$40 and $100 buy in.  Cash prize.
Daily at 630 and 930pm.

FREE to enter.  $20 to re-enter.
Friday @ 630.  Sat & Sun @ 4pm.

Food Service:
6pm: Complimentary coffee and donuts
10pm: $1 pizza
2am: $3 sandwiches
6am: Complimentary breakfast

Want to play? Contact Me.