WCOOP 2017: Iteopepe88 is equine master; wins HORSE Event #31-H ($215 HORSE Phase 2)

WCOOP 2017: Iteopepe88 is equine master; wins HORSE Event #31-H ($215 HORSE Phase 2)

Iteopepe88 and 7PRS were the last two players standing in WCOOP Event #32-H $215 HORSE Phase 2. 7PRS boasted plenty of end-game experience with a pair of COOP victories, however, Iteopepe88 made multiple final tables in various COOPs, but could never do better than a runner-up finish. Alas, it was finally Iteopepe88’s time to bask in the warm glow of the winner’s circle. Iteopepe88 rallied from behind to win a first-ever WCOOP. During a brutal round of Razz for 7PRS, Iteopepe88 won consecutive pots and seized the lead. Iteopepe88 never looked back and locked up the victory in only 17 more hands.

2017 WCOOP Event #31-H $215 HORSE Phase 2 attracted 103 runners. Across all of the first phases, this event attracted 984 total players. They missed the $200K guarantee by only 16 entries. Every single one of the 103 players who advanced to Phase 2 locked up at least a min-cash worth $430.

With 16 to go on the final two tables, Senkel92 was the big stack with 6M. Action went hand-for-hand with nine players remaining on the final table bubble. Mr.Buster led with 11.1M. During a hand of Stud, Martha jones bubbled off the final table in tenth place after losing with just a pair of sixes against Mr.Buster’s full house and 2♦7♣K♠A♦K♥A♥K♣.

WCOOP-31-H Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: skogsbarn (7,287,400)
Seat 2: Zelja22 (9,407,660)
Seat 3: Mr.Buster (8,897,081)
Seat 4: hummylun (1,623,174)
Seat 5: Iteopepe88 (4,519,857)
Seat 6: teruliro (2,373,448)
Seat 7: huiiiiiiiiii (6,581,446)
Seat 8: 7PRS (8,509,934)

The final table commenced during Level 39 and betting limits were 250K/500K during a round of Seven-card Stud. hummylun was a two-time WCOOP champ, but he was the shorty at the final table. Croatia’s Zelja22 led the final table with 9.4M.

This final table had no less than three WCOOP winners… Jerry ‘hummylun’ Wong won 2 WCOOPs and a SCOOP, including Event #10-H last week… 7PRS won a WCOOP in 2012 and a SCOOP… teruliro won a WCOOP last year… Lastly, Zelja22 won a SCOOP in 2015… Iteopepe88 came close to winning a COOP on multiple instances, but fell short of the mark every time.

BROWN SUGAR: hummylun eliminated in 8th place

During a hand of Seven-card Stud, we lost the first player at the final table. Short-stacked hummylun got it all-in on fifth street. He had a pair of Aces showing with (X-X)/A♦5♥A♠against Iteopepe88’s (X-X)/K♣T♣9♠. At showdown, hummylun’s Aces never improved and he lost to Iteopepe88’s nine high straight.

hummylun: 6♦J♦A♦5♥A♠Q♣7♠
Iteopepe88: Q♥J♥K♣T♣9♠5♣8♥

Jerry ‘hummylun’ Wong was picked off in ninth place, which paid out $3,843.68.

SWAY: teruliro eliminated in 7th place

During Limit Hold’em, teruliro bit the dust. It’s just that demon life has got me in its sway. Fireworks occurred on the flop of 9♥8♦6♣. Mr.Buster fired out 300,000, Iteopepe88 raised to 600,000, teruliro: called all-in for 448,448, and Mr.Buster called. Both players checked it all the way to the river. The board finished out 9♥8♦6♣Q♦6♥. At showdown, Mr.Buster mucked the losing hand.

Iteopepe88: A♥6♠
teruliro: A♣J♥

Iteopepe88 won the main pot and side pot with trip sixes. For a seventh-place finish, teruliro earned $5,392.10.

WILD HORSES: Mr.Buster eliminated in 6th place

During a round of Omaha Hi/Lo, wild horses dragged another soul away. Iteopepe88 opened to 600,000, 7PRS called, skogsbarn raised to 900,000, Mr.Buster called all-in for 572,081, and Iteopepe88 called, and 7PRS called. The flop was T♠7♦2♣. Iteopepe88 checked, 7PRS bet 300,000, skogsbarn raised to 600,000, Iteopepe88 bailed, and 7PRS called. The turn was the 9♠ and both players checked. The 2♥ fell on the river. 7PRS checked, skogsbarn fired out 600,000 7PRS bumped it up to 1.2M and skogsbarn called. Without any qualifying low, skogsbarn and Mr.Buster both mucked their losing hands.

7PRS: A♦T♦3♦2♦

7PRS won the main pot and side pot with a full house. Iceland’s Mr.Buster finished busted in sixth place, which paid out $7,564.32.

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CAN’T YOU HEAR ME KNOCKING: huiiiiiiiiii eliminated in 5th place

Five-handed did not get through Stud before someone else hit the bricks. Short-stacked huiiiiiiiiii got it all in on fourth street with (X-X)/7♣6♦. Zelja22 accepted the challenge with (X-X)/K♣5♣. At showdown, by seventh street…

huiiiiiiiiii: A♦7♠7♣6♦6♣3♠Q♣
Zelja22: A♠J♥K♣5♣8♠J♠K♥

huiiiiiiiiii’s two pair — sevens and sixes — were not good enough to stave off elimination. Zelja22 won the pot with a better two pair — Kings and Jacks. huiiiiiiiiii was dunzo in fifth place, which paid out $10,611.62.

With four left in the hunt, Zelja22 held a slight lead with 14.1M, followed by Iteopepe88’s 13.5M.

YOU GOTTA MOVE: skogsbarn eliminated in 4th place

Four-handed played for several levels before someone busted during Stud. Short-stacked skogsbarn hit the road after failing to double up. skogsbarn got it all-in on fourth street in a three-way pot. Zelja22 bailed on sixth street. At showdown…

7PRS: A♦Q♥Q♣K♥5♥5♣A♥
skogsbarn: 9♣T♥J♥3♠9♠6♠8♣

Sweden’s skogsbarn was knocked out in fourth place, which paid out $14,886.52. With three to go, Iteopepe88 led with 21M.

SISTER MORPHINE: Zelja22 eliminated in 3rd place

Once again, Hold’em proved to be moving day. Short-stacked Zelja22 moved all-in for 1,166,563 and both opponents called. Iteopepe88 check-called the flop and the turn. On the river, Iteopepe88 check-folded. The board finished up 9♠7♣2♦3♦K♣. At showdown…

7PRS: J♦J♥
Zelja22: Q♦J♣

Zelja22 never improved and 7PRS won the pot with a pair of Jacks. Croatia’s Zelja22 busted in third place and took home $20,883.58.

HEADS-UP: 7PRS (Canada) vs. Iteopepe88 (Hungary)
Seat 5: Iteopepe88 (22,644,746)
Seat 8: 7PRS (26,555,254)

With two to go, 7PRS held a slight lead. They’d play a 40+ minute heads-up bout.

Approximately thirty minutes into their battle, it was almost even in chips. Then it happened Iteopepe88 won back-to-back pots during Razz to seize a 39.4M to 9.7M lead. Iteopepe88 won a 21.1M pot to take the lead with an 8-7-6-4-3 low. On the next hand, Iteopepe88 shipped a 13.1M pot with 8-7-6-5-Ace. Seventeen hands later… it would be all over, baby.

DEAD FLOWERS: 7PRS eliminated in 2nd place; Iteopepe88 finally wins a COOP title!

Heading into the final hand, 7PRS trailed 43.4M to 5.7M. During Seven-card Stud, the money went all-in on fourth street. Iteopepe88 bet 1.6M with a pair of tens. 7PRS shoved for 2,404,064 with (X-X)6♣A♠ and Iteopepe88 called. At showdown…

Iteopepe88: 5♦T♥T♦T♣3♠J♦7♥
7PRS: 9♦6♦6♣A♠4♦9♠A♦

Iteopepe88 won the pot and the tournament with trip tens. 7PRS’s two pair — Aces and nines — were not strong enough to win. 7PRS hit the virtual rail in second place. For a strong runner-up finish, 7PRS earned $29,296.52.

Iteopepe88 won Event #31-H for a first-career WCOOP. First place paid out $41,098.64. Congrats!

WCOOP-31-H: $215 HORSE [Phase 2 – HORSE]
Entries: 103
Prize pool: $200,000
Places paid: 103

1. Iteopepe88 (Hungary) $41,098.64
2. 7PRS (Canada) $29.296.52
3. Zelja22 (Croatia) $20,883.58
4. skogsbarn (Sweden) $14,886.52
5. huiiiiiiiiii (Austria) 10,611.62
6. Mr.Buster (Iceland) $7,564.32
7. teruliro (Ireland) $5,392.10
8. Jerry ‘hummylun’ Wong (Canada) $3,843.68

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