Sam Grafton wins the PokerStars Festival Bucharest Main Event Title


Sam Grafton won the PokerStars Festival Bucharest Main Event Title for €117,707 on Sunday evening. Grafton was characteristically gracious after the event.

“I feel very proud,” Grafton said afterwards. “I’ve been playing PokerStars events for a long time, trying to win one for around six years. To finally win one feels amazing.

“Back then, I didn’t really realise what it takes to win a tournament, how rare it can be in your career. In the past, I didn’t value the runs I made, but now I know how difficult it is to win a live tournament. It feels amazing.”

Congratulations Sam. Let’s go for another beer and let you make another premonition that will then come true. The Barcelona Main Event, perhaps?

PokerStars Festival Bucharest 2017
€1,100 Main Event
Buy-in: €1,000 + €100
Dates: August 2-6
Players: 736
Prize pool: €706,560

1 Sam Grafton UK €117,707
2 Anil Ozdemir Turkey €96,933
3 Daniel Nietrzebka Poland €57,600
4 Fahredin Mustafov Bulgaria €43,500
5 Patrick Bueno Romania €34,400
6 Johann Eclapier France €26,091
7 Traian Bostan Romania €18,720
8 Yuriy Kudrynskyy Ukraine €12,790