Poker Clubs


Dear New York City Poker Players,

What is a poker club?

A poker club is an private (underground) card game or poker room.

Is it legal to play?

  • Yes, it is 100% legal to play poker in New York City.
  • It is legal to play poker at your friends house.
  • It is legal to play poker at a poker club.
  • Poker players will not be arrested for playing poker.

What is illegal about a poker club?

  • It is illegal to run a card room, a poker club, or any gambling den.
  • It is a popular belief that poker is not gambling, that poker, is in fact, a game of skill.
  • However, until the government changes its view on “poker”, it is still considered a crime.
  • Federal Judge says “Poker is NOT GAMBLING“, August 22nd 2012.
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