Play Against Loose–Aggressive Players in Low Stakes Poker Cash Games


How to Play Against Loose-Aggressive Players in Low Stakes Cash Games
When it comes to low stakes cash games, you have probably heard advice about how to play against passive opponents many times before. Value bet them frequently, steal their blinds a lot, and keep the bluffing to a minimum if they are recreational players. These tactics often work because the vast majority of your opponents in small stakes cash games, both live and online, will fit a similarly passive profile.

But how do you play against a loose-aggressive opponent (sometimes referred to as a “maniac”) who is in there with all sorts of hands and constantly trying to bluff you? These players can be much more difficult to play against, and there is much less information out there regarding how to approach them.

To that end, in this article I am going to discuss a few ways to counteract and exploit the tendencies of a loose-aggressive opponent profitably in low stakes cash games.

Here is the Key Points of the Strategy:

  • Position is Vital
  • Use Their Aggression Against Them
  • Patience is Key
  • Enjoy the Ride
  • Final Thoughts