2017 Card Player Poker Tour Ocean’s 11 San Diego Classic: Recap of Flights 1C and 1D

Recap of Flights 1C and 1D

The second day of the 2017 Card Player Poker Tour Ocean’s 11 San Diego Classic has wrapped up and if today was any indication, this event is going to be massive! A total of 517 entries have now been made through the first four starting flights of this exciting tournament, meaning that the prize pool has already grown to $103,400 with two $250 buy-in starting flights and Quantum Reload day 2 direct buy-in still available.

The Quantum Reload option is for those who do not want to fight their way through day 1 qualifiers in this massive CPPT event. Players can enter on day 2 for $1,500 and receive an average chip stack of 120,000 with blinds starting at 1,000 – 2,000 that day.

Friday, July 21 saw flights 1C and 1D take place, with the former drawing 121 entries and the later attracting 140. The two flights added $52,200 to the prize pool, bringing the total into the six-figure range with a huge turnout anticipated for Saturday’s 1E and 1F flights.

From the 261 entries made on Friday, only 39 players made it through to day 2, with none other than Card Player columnist and poker triple crown winner Gavin Griffin bagging up the largest stack from either of Friday’s flights. Griffin, who has main event titles on the World Poker Tour and European Poker Tour in addition to a World Series of Poker gold bracelet, ended the day with 263,000. Griffin finished 11th in this event back in April and is in good shape to improve on that performance with another deep run this time around.

Another big stack who has prior success on the Card Player Poker Tour is Maxx Dansky, who ended the day with 180,500. Dansky topped a field of 800 entries to win the 2012 CPPTChoctaw main event for $152,008.

In the four flights so far only one player has qualified for day 2 more than once: Reza Emtiaz. Players that qualify multiple times will take their largest stack forward and be paid $1,200 in lieu of any additional entry into day 2. In this case, Emtiaz will end up coming back to the 47,000 that he bagged up at the conclusion of flight 1A, given that he doesn’t qualify again with a bigger stack.

Here is a look at the complete chip counts of the players that have qualified for day 2, combining the survivors from flights 1 A-D:

Rank Player Chip Count
1 John Meekhall 385,000
2 Gavin Griffin 263,000
3 Shaun Davis 248,500
4 Steven Wendroff 247,500
5 Jolen LaPerna 228,500
6 Benjamin Jensen 226,400
7 Barry Seidman 187,000
8 Ryan Smith 185,000
9 Maxx Dansky 180,500
10 Ken Herold 177,000
11 Anders Wright 176,000
12 Sam Muhlmeister 174,500
13 Larry Conklin 155,500
14 Josh Mountain 153,300
15 Severino Cabrera 144,000
16 Christopher Black 132,000
17 Juan Vazquez 130,500
18 Steve Moshiki 123,000
19 Ori Kossonogi 119,500
20 Chris Ashtari 116,500
21 Micah Cade 113,500
22 Gary Fessia 113,500
23 Greg Baron 112,500
24 Bradford Lawn 112,000
25 Jerry Linn Holland 111,500
26 Hien Ly 111,000
27 Daniel Polerecky 110,500
28 Robert Ostler 108,500
29 Kevin Meyers 103,000
30 Jason Semo 102,500
31 Tony Gonzalez 99,100
32 William Berman 98,000
33 Stefan DeLorenzo 97,500
34 Willie Gardner 91,500
35 Russel Davies 91,500
36 Indo Nguyen 91,000
37 Vladimir Medvisnky 89,300
38 Stephen Winters 84,000
39 Charlie Quirmbach 81,500
40 Josh Virnick 80,500


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